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Antiwar songs by Poison Girls
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Poison GirlsThe Poison Girls were a British anarcho-punk band, at one point a part of that scene around Crass. The female singer, Vi Subversa, wrote songs that kicked patriarchy in the teeth, bringing the kind of punk energy associated with "anarcho-punk" to bear on women's experiences and struggles. From what i understand, Vi got turned on to punk when two of her kids formed their own band (The Fatal Microbes - they went on to be half od Rubella Ballet) - she figured this was something she might be good at, and the rest is history.Vi once described the band as the "dildo in the anus of the music business" - to which one might say "lucky music business"!

Poisongirls released 5 albums and eight EP's and singles. In 1995, to celebrate Vi's 60th birthday, the band did a one-off reunion gig at the LA2.

Until recently, I myself only heard their music on old dubbed tapes, which as the years went by slowly degraded in quality. When i found out that Active Distribution in the UK sold a complete box set of all of Poison Girls' material, on CDS, i couldn't resist!

What did i think? Well, i liked the band before, and i really like he band now, so much s that i have put up this section of my site devoted to them, so you figure it out...