Cliff McAulay

Antiwar songs by Cliff McAulay

Born in Dundee Scotland , Cliff studied music with bandleader, and film composer A.E.(Bert)Cooper. As a teenager he won the prestigious Sir John Leng gold medal for singing. At the age of sixteen in1977 arrived in London, to play bass in punk pop band ‘The Megazones’.
He has toured and recorded with many great, and well known musicians, writing many song’s for television, including music for ’The Val Doonican Show’, ‘Cannon and Ball’, ‘The Rock Gods’.
Cliff has released many records and Cds, including the classic celtic pop hit ‘The Road to Dundee’ in 1996. 
He has written jingles, pop hits, and composed music for the prestigious Miranda Calgovas ballet concepts. Cliff also found time to write the ground breaking opera’Vladimir Vladimir’ in 1993. 
Cliff is musical director of multi media production company,PLUM STUDIOS and has created distinctive theme music and programme music for many well known Television shows, and commercials in the UK and in Australia,featuring many styles of composition from big band arrangements to highland bagpipes.
Cliff, as well as being a wonderful vocalist, plays the piano,trumpet, trombone, bass and guitar, synthesiser, many percussion instruments, and uses all of this to create a distinctive and melodic musical style.