Валентин Вихорев

Antiwar songs by Валентин Вихорев

Vihorev Valentin Ivanovich was born on November, 22nd, 1931 in Leningrad in a working family. His father as soon as war has begun, has been called in army and soon was killed in battle. Lived in Leningrad through part of blockade, was evacuated by on Road of Life on the ice of Lake Ladoga and then to Novosibirsk children's home, escaped, returned to Leningrad to mother. In 1949 has ended a vocational school. Has served in army in East Germany (with 1951 for 1956, two years — it is extra urgent). Lives in St.-Petersburg.
Among V.Vihorev's hobbies scuba diving, tourism, mountaineering, mountain skiing. Plays a 7-string guitar. Began write songs from sixtieth years.