Folksinger e pittore americano, nato nel 1948 a New York e morto nel 2017.

Se ne trovano notizie qui dove pero ci si concentra piĆ¹ sulla sua attivita di pittore e scultore:

"My life and work took a significant turn, at the age of 35, when I discovered paint. I was living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at the time, and becoming increasingly disenchanted with the downtown music scene and journalism, the areas in which I had previously concentrated my efforts. Painting seemed a natural extension of my life-long involvement with music, but, unlike my songs, musical performances and articles, which were largely bound up with political concerns, painting offered a fresh approach to the world, its harmonies and color, its physical and spiritual dimensions. In recent years, my work has focused on abstract sculpture works in steel and aluminum, which build on a long-term fascination with primary forms in nature and their reflection in diverse art-historical contexts. These spare works employ flat bar, plate and sheet to enclose and carve space in ways that sometimes offer diverse readings of archtypal content. Although intimations of the sciences come into play in these pieces, as well as meditations on art history, many conjure bits of personal history and dream." ? Larry Estridge, artist statement, 2006

Qui il necrologio

Larry Estridge, 68, resident of New York City, Key West, FL, and Torrey, UT passed away at 6:12 p.m. April 29, 2017 from a stroke, apparently a complication of his years-long struggle with cancer. Larry, a graduate of Great Neck North '66, and Harvard College '70, was an accomplished writer, musician, painter and sculptor. As a prominent protest-organizer at Harvard, and in a lifetime of subsequent political activism and commentary, Larry infused his writings, music and art with incisive analysis and palpable outrage. His work, which evolved from the fiercely political to the profound beauty of natural forms interpreted through large-scale sculptures, survives him in the archives of Harvard Crimson, NY Magazine, WBAI Radio, The Smithsonian Institution, numerous galleries in NYC, Key West and Miami FL, Torrey UT, and prominent private and public collections in FL and metro NY. His monumental work, The Psalmist is featured in the permanent collection of Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, NJ and many of his works have been installed in Key West venues including Sculpture Key West and permanent park installations. Before dedicating himself to the visual arts, as a musician, together with his band Nightwatch, and in solo performance, Estridge was a regular presence on the NYC radio and club scene in the '70's and early 80's. Larry is survived by his loving wife Kathryn Kilgore, his mother Evelyn Estridge, and his brothers Ken and Dan Estridge.

Published in Salt Lake Tribune on May 14, 2017