Antiwar songs by Vida

Vida - the world class female vocal quartet blends hair-raising harmonies from Eastern Europe, S. Africa, American folk-ballad, as well as original compositions with chords that will move your soul and leave your jaw hanging.

Vida is a four woman a cappella group based in Bloomington, Indiana that has come together from New England, New Zealand and the midwest. They sing traditional and original song and draw their music from many parts of the world. Their repertoire includes devotional, political and story songs from parts of Africa, Argentinian vidalas, Eastern European polyphony, American folk-ballad, spiritual and popular song and Irish unaccompanied song. Work, worship, celebration and sorrow are universal in each song tradition but each pulls the voice its own way.

Vida's original material is shaped by these powerful traditions; their songs celebrate these rich influences as they come through each singer's composition. Vida sings because when it is just the naked voice, the impact is immediate. The song's emotion, physically expressed, engages singer to singer, singer to listener directly and immediately. VIDA has toured throughout the Midwest and Eastern U.S., performing at festivals, concert halls and clubs. They have shared the stage with many notable artists, most recently opening for Ani DiFranco and Bob Dylan. They have been featured on radio, television in national music press such as Billboard Magazine.