Constant Flow

Canzoni contro la guerra di Constant Flow
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Constant FlowCF, or Constant Flow, is a rapper from Jersey City, New Jersey. He has been a dynamic figure in the underground hip-hop scene since 1993. CF has sharpened his skills by free styling in local battle events in his hometown. During this time, he was introduced to the NYC open mic community by participating in cyphers in Washington Square Park and gradually working his way into more legitimate venues like The Nuyorican Poet’s Café and the End of the Weak show at the Pyramids. Since then, CF has rocked stages with renowned acts such as Akon, Mobb Deep, and Immortal Technique. He writes songs that address a range of topics from social commentary to personal afflictions. CF’s first official mix tape, entitled “Storm Mode,” was released on Creative Juices Music in 2011. The mix tape was well received by many, especially Rap, where writer Steve Joan commented, “Damn! How did CF sneak up on hip-hop like that and body the whole industry?” With years of open mic experience, CF’s reputation as a flawless freestyle artist, aggressive battle rapper, talented songwriter and incredible stage presence culminated in his recent induction to the Viper Records family. CF will release his new project, tentatively titled “Young Lord,” in the summer of 2013. CF, or Constant Flow, is a product of the golden age of hip-hop music. Working his way through the ranks, CF is on his way to becoming one of hip-hop’s last of the greats.