Terry Scott

Canzoni contro la guerra di Terry Scott

Terry was born and raised in the small California beach town of Hermosa Beach. She started playing guitar at age 13, and was captivated by the folksingers and acoustic roots musicians of the 1960’s (and earlier eras), as well as the singer-songwriters of the 1970’s.
After high school, Terry spent 15 years working full time as an activist with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union. During that time, she married a fellow organizer, started a family, and went to college— all the while continuing to play guitar and sing for her own enjoyment… as well as occasionally leading the singing at union meetings and community celebrations such as weddings and baptisms.
Terry and her first husband eventually divorced, and after she left the union, she returned to Los Angeles to attend graduate school. She dropped out after a year, remarried, had two more children, and started a part-time word processing business from home.
During the years when her two youngest children were babies, Terry rediscovered her passion for music and began writing songs and performing at small local gigs. Her songs range from the deeply personal to the political, but all are infused with heartfelt stories and lyrics that reflect a poet’s sensibility and a keen eye for life.
Terry has won awards for her warm, soulful voice, and has performed live in California , Oregon , Washington, and Montana. Her original songs have been played on the radio in Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, and Tennessee. She is currently recording her debut CD of original songs, tentatively titled, “Better Late Than Never!”