Antiwar songs by Dildar

Yûnis Reuf (1918–1948) known as Dildar, was a Kurdish poet and political activist. He was born on February 20, 1918 in the town of Koi Sanjaq located in the Mosul Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire(present-day: in Arbil Governorate). first he started school at [Ranye]. After finishing high school in Kirkuk, he moved to Baghdad, where he studied Law. in 1945 he finished law school. He wrote Ey Reqîb (Kurdish national anthem) in 1938, when he was in prison. Dildar died young at the age of 31 of heart problems. However, he lived to see his poem "Ey Reqîb" adopted as the Kurdish national anthem. It was first played and sung in 1946 on the proclamation of a short-lived Kurdistan republic in Mahabad. Today the song is played as the official anthem of Iraqi Kurdistan.