Kostas Tournas / Κώστας Τουρνάς

Antiwar songs by Kostas Tournas / Κώστας Τουρνάς
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Kostas Tournas / Κώστας ΤουρνάςKostas Tournas (Greek: Κώστας Τουρνάς) (born 23 September 1949, Tripoli, Greece) is one of the pioneers of modern Greek rock. He is a singer and composer of many hits in the 70s including Ti Na Mas Kanei I Nychta (What Can The Night Do For Us).

He shaped Greek rock music in the late 60s along with groups such as Socrates Drank the Conium, Peloma Bokiou, Nostradamos and Hexadactylos. He is also one of the founder members of the pioneering Greek rock group Poll along with Robert Williams.

Tournas along with Robert Williams and Stavros Logarides, as members of the legendary rock group Poll, created a music wave which met with great success and took the music scene of Athens under the colonels by storm. Their music resonated with the young and created songs which still remain in the history of Greek rock.

His 1972 progressive-psychedelic solo album, rock opera Aperanta Horafia (Infinite Fields), is considered a landmark of Greek rock and an act of resistance against the junta which ruled Greece at the time.

His songs often deal with Space and Time and one of his greatest hits from his album Astroneira (Star Dreams) was I Michani Tou Chronou (The Machine of Time). He participated in the rock opera Trojan War composed by Yannis Petritsis along with Robert Williams and other Greek rock stars.

His anti-war protest song Anthrope Αgapa (Humankind Love Each Other) as a member of Poll along with his solo albums Astroneira and Kyries kai Kyrioi were among the biggest hits of the 70s in Greece. Tournas was included in the electoral list of New Democracy in 2011. He is also a candidate of ND for the European Parliament.