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Antiwar songs by Lowland Hum
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Lowland HumGenre: Folk
Location: Greensboro, NC (USA)

Daniel Levi Goans and Lauren Plank are Lowland Hum, a husband and wife folk duo. Part songwriter, part artist, the duo has crafted a multi-sensory performance experience that provides a fertile space for audience members to connect with their art and with a each other as fellow listeners.
Lowland Hum is the multisensory artistic collaboration. What began as North Carolina folk music has evolved into so much more. Though folk music is their primary medium, they have seamlessly added visual art, print and even smells to create an entirely new live music experience. This is the story of how it all started…
In 2009, after spending seven years on tour with independent pop rock band The War (formerly Starting Tuesday), Daniel Levi Goans returned home to North Carolina. On that familiar soil he began exploring the sounds he could make on his own. Always a lover of the stripped down work of Springsteen and Dylan, he gravitated to folk music, combining his love of poetry and story with memorable melodies that evoke longing and hope.
Daniel recorded his first solo album, Choice Cannonballs, in the basement where he grew up, using one microphone, one guitar, and the family piano. After a lonely year-and-a-half of performing and writing new material, Daniel began to collaborate with other North Carolina artists. He spent an idyllic summer singing on porches and rooftops into the heavy night air. In 2011 he moved to the eastern shore of Maryland to record his second album, BrotherStranger in a tiny old library overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.
Lauren Plank grew up in the dry, spruce-filled lands of Idaho. From an early age she had two loves; music and paper. She spent most of her childhood holed up in her bedroom singing, and making anything she could think of using paper, glue and scotch tape. At the age of four Lauren declared that when she grew up she was going to be a singer on the radio. At the age of nine, her family moved across the country to North Carolina where she was introduced to red clay, dogwoods and wild onions. Figuring that a life as a singer on the radio was unlikely, Lauren went to school for studio art and continued exploring her love of making. Yet, she continued to sing in the private moments and her love for music stayed true.
Throughout the process of recording BrotherStranger, Daniel collaborated heavily with a small number of trusted friends and advisors. As the songs took shape, one of the advisors, Lauren, ended up singing on four of the twelve tracks and giving extensive feedback on all twelve. Lauren’s voice and input became integral to the sound and in the process of co-creating they fell in love. After a year of recording together, Daniel and Lauren got married and a duo was formed.
Today, Daniel and Lauren travel the country together, writing, singing, and sharing their music and art in people’s homes and in other creative venues. They are committed to cultivating a communal experience in their performances.
Daniel and Lauren utilize several creative methods to engage the senses, some of which include an illuminated art installation that travels with them and handmade lyric booklets. Their intentional artistry creates a space for audiences to breathe, listen, read, react, and fully engage with the music and each other.
Daniel and Lauren finished their first album as Lowland Hum in the early months of 2013 and will release it in the late summer of that same year.

Official Website: http://lowlandhum.com/