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Canzoni contro la guerra di Lao Che
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Lao CheLao Che is a Polish music band formed in 1999 in Płock by former members of the band Koli. Lao Che's musical genre is a crossover of various styles such as alternative rock, punk rock, ska, ambient, and folk. The band's popularity grew quickly after their Powstanie Warszawskie (Polish for "Warsaw Uprising") concept album, which received many prestigious nominations and awards.[1][2]

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Band members

Current members

Mariusz "Denat" Denst – sampler
Hubert "Spięty" Dobaczewski – vocals, guitar
Michał "Dimon" Jastrzębski – drums
Filip "Wieża" Różański – keyboard
Rafał "Żubr" Borycki – bass guitar
Maciek "Trocki" Dzierżanowski – percussion

Former members

Jakub "Krojc" Pokorski – guitar
Michał "Warz" Warzycki - guitar


Gusła (2002)
Powstanie Warszawskie (2005) POL No. 13[3]
Gospel (2008) POL No. 3[3]
Prąd stały/Prąd zmienny (2010) POL No. 5[4]
Soundtrack (2012) POL No. 3[5]