Genre: Other / Folk / Experimental

Location: Manchester, UK

Aidan Jolly is a singer/songwriter and guitarist. In 2007 Aidan wrote and directed the songs and music for the play “On Common Ground”, which celebrated the 1932 Kinder Trespass, and was featured on BBC1 and Radio 4. His commissioned piece ‘The Ghost Of A River’, about Grindleford in the Derbyshire Dales, was recently featured in the Guardian. As well as performing solo he is usually accompanied by Jilah Bakhshayesh (violin and voice) and other guest musicians. He is also part of Virtual Migrants, a collaborative project with five other artists including film maker Kooj Chuhan and Jilah Bakhshayesh. Their work Terminal Frontiers toured nationally 2004 - 2005, to critical and public acclaim. They recently released 'Exhale', A DVD and CD produced during the tour, available from

The live band usually has at least Aidan on guitar, symphonie and voice, with Jilah Bakhshayesh on violin and voice - sometimes we also have Nicki Dupuy on bass and percussion, Lis Murphy on violin and voice and Jaydev Mistry on percussion. (What's a Symphonie? have a look at this address: Aidan writes songs in a contemporary roots style, combining unusually well-crafted, poetic and sometimes biting lyrics with infectious tunes and musically diverse arrangements, from traditional English folk to the Iranian influenced performances of Jilah Bakhshayesh. His new album ‘State of Hysteria’ was recorded live in one week at Grange Studios in Norfolk. It features Jilah Bakhshayesh on violin, vocals and kamanche, Martin Milner on guitar, mandolin, vocals and daf, Jaydev Mistry on percussion and electric guitar, and Aidan on vocals, guitar and symphonie. His first CD, System Fault, (2006) features guest appearances from some of Manchester's finest musicians including Dave Connally (production), Jaydev Mistry (percussion), Bernie Murphy (vocals) and Jilah Bakhshayesh (violin). Both CDs are available from all stores, or you can order it online at

...everyone who's ever had a story to tell in a song, or made a noise about injustice, or who spoke the truth, or stood up for their rights, or who told the politicans and the image makers where to get off....the peasants' revolt, Gerard Winstanley, Olaudah Equiano, music hall, suburban punk, the poll tax riots.....

Sounds Like:
'State Of Hysteria' 2008: "This is another fine album. The sound has a more international feel than before thanks very much to the contribution of Jilah Bakhshayesh who takes lead vocal on the superb title track & plays violin & kamanche” **** Rock n Reel. “Manchester’s ethnic & cultural diversity is strongly represented within the contemporary roots oeuvre of musician Aidan Jolly who is based in the city. The poetic lyricism is undeniable. Starkly different songs do a fine thought provoking job on this topic" - 8/10 Hi Fi + "A powerhouse songwriter with a big heart and a great voice" - Birmingham Post. "With commitment and concern oozing from every word, the album undeniably hits home" - NET RHYTHMS. "Manchester based roots musician Aidan Jolly has crafted a fine acoustic folk album with the added spice of the Anglo/Iranian connection" - Classic Rock Society. "Aidan is a fine folk singer, and has a great gift of crafting a good song" - Maverick. ‘System Fault’ (2006): “The focus of this album is firmly on the impact this world has on ordinary people & the lives they lead. Quite brilliantly handled & the last track is a fine slab of satire & fitting end to a unique piece of work” 9/10 Hi fi + “ ‘System Fault’ is a grower album, both musically & lyrically, & well worth the listen” **** Rock'N'Reel; "an immensely accomplished product, especially so for a debut singer-songwriter disc. Aidan's extremely capable in both departments, and his work is enviably genre-defying" "Looks like the bloke running the greengrocers - sounds like world music sung by Ian Dury". Manchester Music/BBC Radio Manchester.

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