Cameron Bastedo

Antiwar songs by Cameron Bastedo

Genre: Rock / Folk Rock

Location: Kamloops, BC, CANADA

On a winter's night in 2000, while walking down a quiet street, a whirlwind blew towards me. As it approached, God told me that music was coming back into my life. I'll let you reach your own conclusions, but 15 CD's worth of music later and I know that it was a genuine word from the Lord.

Oddly enough, I suppose, (given that incident and that I'm a Christian) few of these tracks are 'worship' tunes in the usual sense of that word. What they represent is the outpouring of a life that is offered to God in worship. The songs on this page reflect every different frame of mind and mood of heart through which I've passed since that night. Some of them are just silly, fun songs because I love music; I love people and I love life. Many are more serious; some are quite dark. They are reflections about life, death, love, God, humanity, inhumanity, faith, weakness, joy, hope, frustration, vision, confusion, depression and even desperation. In fact, just about every frame; of heart and mind a person can feel is expressed somewhere on this page, I think. For, no doubt, music is part of life and all of life has a place in music.

Let me ask you a question.

How does one explain creativity? The answer to that question, believe it or not, was instrumental in bringing me to faith in God. Through rigorous self-examination, I discovered that 'inspiration', the Spirit breathing in to the heart, was real. That powerful realization blew apart my materialistic assumptions and was a fissure large enough for God's Spirit to whisk His way into my heart.

It's been quite a journey, my life with Christ. For years the Lord led me in paths that didn't involve much writing of music, although it has always involved singing and music. I'm thankful that the journey has led me, in these recent years, to create music once again!