Antiwar songs by NoMan'sBand

Genre: Punk / Rock

Location: Timisoara, ROMANIA

NoMan'sBand or NMB was formed officially in the spring of 2003, but it actually took form a year before, when Arthur, who just left the band Guranii, decided he wanted to create another band. So, together with two friends, Vladuţ and Radu (Oi Moroi) started making a few songs in hope that something worth while will emerge. When Radu suddenly quit, the place he left vacant was filled by Oana, who started learning to play the bass. And also Richie - exGuranii - returned from Craiova and seeing that the vital "job" of the drummer was still unoccupied, it was decided that he should be the new drummer. And so NMB came to be ...
The first gig we played was in Timişoara, at Centrul Cultural I.N.C.A., as the opening act for Scandal (from Bacău). Shortly after this debut we started planning a tour across eastern and central Europe - regions with very low temperatures during that period of the year - believing that the 4 gig so-called experience and a poorly recorded demo called "They won't stop" - which we strongly DON'T recommend - was sufficient. Well... It wasn't ... :)
But, the tour proved to be a great way to accumulate a lot of experience in a short period of time and to learn how not to kill your band members when you are confined to a small van in which you have to spend long hours, sleep in, argue and get over the problems for 3 weeks, far far away from anything remotely familiar.
Also "pleasant" or at least memorable was having to depend on a driver who nobody knew 10 minutes before leaving Timisoara - that is while we were getting the amps in the van - and who seamed to have a taste for missing the right exists on the Autobahn and for preferential treatment (for "the driver", that is...). But with all that came also the opportunity to meet new interesting people, countries, mentalities and of course to get together with old friends.
On return, when we thought everything bad had already happened we had another "surprise" : Vladuţ - one of the guitarists - had an epiphany. He suddenly realized that he had grown up and decided that it's time to quit the band and pursue other activities. Soon after that we were invited to play a gig in Cluj, and the new sound with just 3 of us sounded pretty good! So we all decided that we'll stick to this formula.
Next year, for the Underground Festival Timişoara, we played a song with Florutz as a guest. We liked that way he sounded with NMB so he was now the new vocal. This was the line-up until the next year.
In 2004 we had the chance to play on different scenes around the country like : Bucureşti, Cluj, Craiova, Bacău and let's not forget Reşiţa and Deta.
In the autumn of 2005 we decided to go on another tour - but shorter and not that far away this time. So we ended up in Hungary, somewhere on the shores of Lake Balaton. This time we managed to avoid any problems. Or at least that was what we thought... hehehe... On return, history repeats itself and Floruţ quits the band. If this is what will happen every time we leave the country.........
Anyway, we decided - again - that the line up with just the 3 of us works better.
The concert "Adio with Floruţ" as our vocal will stick in our heads for a long time because of the nice people of the local Police force, who decided, of course together with the masked troops, to stop the gig and to physically remove us from the stage. After being taken to the Police Station to be "sanctioned" accordingly to the Law (which this time proved to consist of 600 RON) and admonished about our behaviour and opinions we were permitted to leave. We managed to get back to the venue and catch the rest of the show.
2006 starts in a rather odd way for us... exactly by Richie almost having his right hand blown up by a huge firecracker on New Year's Eve (2 minutes before 2006 started). Anyway, after 5 months of treatment and physical therapy and bad jokes about drummers and firecrackers, NMB managed to get back to playing live shows.
In rest, all is good, NMB will continue to exist because it just can't be otherwise...

NMB is:

• Arthur (guitar and vocals),
• Oana (bass and vocals),
• Richie (drums and shouting),
• Florutz (vocals; 2004-2005),
• Vladuţ (guitar; march-november 2003).

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