Judith Edwards

Antiwar songs by Judith Edwards

Genre: Country General

Location: Stafordsville, KY, USA

Hey I'm from Eastern KY & proud of it. I'm a songwriter, I write country & gospel.
I'm just a country girl not any thing fancy about me. I feel that we all are equal no one is better than the other. I was born in Martin, KY, & raised in the general area. I've traveled allot in my life. I've completed 4 CD's some just me & co/writers. I'm married and have two sons not living at home. I use to say where ever I could set down & relax was home. I've lived in KY, PA, N.C TN, OHIO, CA. I've visited several states I guess my favorite place was CA I lived there 10 years I guess that made me a native of CA. My two sons were raised there. I've got two sons & now three grandaughters. They all are my pride & joy. I'm proud of them all. Write more later!! see ya in another song!!!
I'm interested in meeting singers songwriters & anyone that deals with music. I'd like to find someone who could put music to my lyrics 50/50 or work for hire, but it don't madder if you are a singer or song writer I still would love to hear from you. I like meeting new people & making friends I can talk to or listen to. just a friends who can be there for each other.

Influences: Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynett, Ann Murey, George Jones, Conway Twitty, Bill Anderson, Dolly Pardon, Kenny Rogers, Donnie Osborne, Michael Jackson, Bobby Sherman, Jenny C. Wiley, etcetera...

Sounds Like: Toby Keith

MySpace page:http://www.myspace.com/221236128