Canzoni contro la guerra di Sinva

SINVA - Studies in Non-Violent Action

Formerly known as Imagine Rainbow Warriors, SINVA is a rock reggae band whose songs stand for human rights and our mother earth and plant the seeds of non-violent action.

SINVA was founded in 1981 by activist writer Steve Hall. The project was designed as an educational tool which would assist and encourage non-violent action. During it's history, SINVA has included musicians from North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Asia. Their contributions, musically, philosophically and spiritually have enriched the global perspective of the project.

SINVA has done extensive work in the field of human rights, particulary with various Canadian First Nations, the African National Congress and the Martin Luther King Day Committee. As well, SINVA has worked with the Environmental Movement, the Women's Movement, the Peace Movement and the Toronto Board of Education.

Music is clearly the strongest and most universal cultural influence on young people-those who will inherit the planet, along with an unprecedented set of social and environmental crisis. Popular culture, particularly music, wth rare exceptions does not address the most important global issues. Hence, great potential power for positive change is in the hands of musicians.

SINVA-songs explore the genres of reggae, soca, ska, funk, rock and blues.