Eric Wrobbel

Antiwar songs by Eric Wrobbel

Eric Wrobbel began writing and recording music in the late 1960s in suburban Detroit, Michigan, USA. He presently (2013) resides in Los Angeles. Never a prolific artist or commercially-oriented, his occasional releases have consisted mainly of esoteric and self-penned music, his most popular recordings selling a mere 80 to 100 thousand units.

He has expressed a strong belief in independent music, and stated that music is too precious to be left solely in the stewardship of large corporations because, he believes, market-driven approaches yield predictable conformity. He feels that music (and all art) can and should be entertaining, but fails to live up to its potential if it is merely that. His musical focus is on honestly presented songs--music that has heart, and has something to say that enriches the listener in some way.