Antiwar songs by Fear
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FearPunk rock band californiana in cui suonava Flea, poi nei Red Hot Chili Peppers


Fear is a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 1977. By 1978, Fear was composed of:

* Lee Ving (vocals / guitar)
* Philo Cramer (guitar)
* Derf Scratch (bass)
* Michael Balzary, better known as Flea (bass in 1980/1981) later in Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Spit Stix (drums)

Fear appeared in Penelope Spheeris' 1980 film, The Decline of Western Civilization. On Halloween 1981, Fear appeared on Saturday Night Live. They were apparently booked on the insistence of John Belushi. The destruction wrought by Fear and a coterie of dancers, among them Ian MacKaye, caused a minor scandal.