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Andy the DoorbumGenre: 2 step / Happy hardcore / Classic Opera

Location: West Side, North Carolina, USA

Hi, my name is Andy the Doorbum. I have been making music for 10 years as well as making visual art, writing zines, working at the World Famous Milestone Club for four years, touring extensively, making my own merchandise, and preparing for the apocalypse. I've recorded four EPs and four full-lengths that have never seen the light of day and have released three splits, one EP, and three full length albums. I've also contributed to several compilations including Another Merrie Kinnikinnik, the Shuffle Magazine Valentine's Comp, and Piedmont Hellstompers. I've taken part in some art showings, the release of and contribution to numerous written publications (poetry and prose), and a handful of video projects along the way, as well. I've been touring consistently for three years with this project throughout the East Coast and Midwest regions of the U.S. and did a small European tour in May of 2008. My show history has consisted of playing anywhere possible, from dance recitals to library openings, barns, baby showers, basements, skate parks, and Italian Heritage Festivals. From events as small as house shows, to a World Music Festival attended by 3000+ people (performing as a member of Etran Finatwa from Nigeria). I've toured with and also been a member of Cryptorchid Chipmunk, The Emotron, PPR, 2013 Wolves, Morbid Toothbrush, FleshHouse, IYF PoRK, Pangolin Wasser, and Appalucia (and I recently collaborated on a recording with Mack Johansson (from Sweden) of the group Hyacinth House). Alongside these endeavors I've been actively recording my own projects, as well as several other bands, and I've done it all with the help of a few good friends and very little money. I can also start a fire using nothing but sticks and some string.. ....Thank you all from the bottom of my doorbum heart for the support that you have given me! .


..Anything horribly ugly or extremely beautiful..William S. Burroughs..Leonard Cohen..Boredoms .

Is it like?

..That thing your ears do when consciousness starts slipping away because all the blood is leaving your brain... ..I've played with the following National Touring acts:.... ASG.. Against Me.. Alina Simone.. Amy Lavere.. Captured by Robots.. Cryptorchid Chipmunk.. David Childers and the Modern Don Juans.. Etran Finatwa.. Gorch Fock.. Green Milk from the Planet Orange.. Honky.. Howards Dilemma.. Lex Vegas.. Lords.. Mark Hosler (of Negativland).. Nightmare Pizza.. PPR.. Peelander-Z.. Projexorcism.. Smoke or Fire.. T-Model Ford.. The Emotron.. The Monotonix.. Tim Barry (of Avail).. Treephort.. VooDoo Organist.. Weedeater.. ZZZ (Amsterdam).. ..and countless others that I have failed to list here, mostly because of my recreational drug use, and the memory loss that comes with it.

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