Мaрк Наумович Бернес / Mark Bernes

Antiwar songs by Мaрк Наумович Бернес / Mark Bernes
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Мaрк Наумович Бернес / Mark BernesMark Naumovich Bernes (Russian: Ма́рк Нау́мович Берне́с, Mark Naumovič Bernes) (October ‎‎8 [O.S. September 25] 1911, Nezhin, Ukraine - August 16, 1969, Moscow, Soviet Union) was a ‎Soviet actor and singer of Jewish ancestry (his father's last name was Neumann), who performed ‎some of the most poignant songs to come out of the World War II, including Tyomnaya noch ‎‎(Russian: Тёмная ночь, Dark Night; 1943) and Zhuravli (Russian: Журавли, Cranes; 1969). By his ‎voice and singing style, he is similar to American performers Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, being ‎the first Soviet crooner.‎