Kleins96Genres: Hardcore / Rock / Punk Rock / Thrash
Location: Regina, SK, CA

Kleins96 is the product of educated defiance and narcotic glee, a godless trio of decadent misfits from Regina, SK. Blending early thrash hardcore with balls-out skatepunk, Kleins96 has crafted a towering debut album in Modern Fortune, a blistering sermon on power, modernity and holy terror, fraught with anxiety and broken bottles. The band has shared the stage with SNFU, Fucked Up, DOA and Ruiner among many others, and has toured across Canada from coast to coast, with sights set next on Europe and the US. The band’s debut EP and split 7” with Rehashed (both released March 2009) are both nearly out of print.
From a group of people that have continuously made things happen in Regina, a place where it feels like it would take effort to grow mold on bread, Modern Fortune, Kleins96's latest album, is a crowning achievement. That it should come from this band isn't a surprise – all three members are clearly talented. And that it should come from Harvest King Records, a local label that's maintained forward momentum for so long, shouldn't shock anyone, either. These are folks who know what they want from the projects, who have a clear direction and goals. Fitting, then, that their first full length, Modern Fortune, should have so much detail lavished on it. The album uses careful production along with samples of dialogue to make listening an experience. At the same time, it recognizes the strong points of Kleins96's live show: the spontaneity and chemistry between the band mates. The band finds a balance between the nasal punch of guitarist Andrew Love's vocals and bassist Justin Ludwig's throat-ripping shouts, while blending all the musical styles a three-piece punk band can muster, with the able skills of Dylan Ludwig on drums. These guys put in the work to make music that's layered but not laborious, and it fucking shows. Modern Fortune earns them their label's royal title". - prairie dog, August 2010


• Andrew Love
, guitar/vocals,
• Justin Ludwig
, bass/vocals,
• Dylan Ludwig
, drums.

MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/kleins96