The Gated Community

Antiwar songs by The Gated Community
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The Gated CommunityGenre: Bluegrass / Country / Experimental

Position: MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, Un

Gary Stewart, New York Dolls, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Sonic Youth, Terry Allen, The Velvet Underground
Sounds Like:
The Weatherman says it's gonna rain. It's gonna rain. It's gonna rain after a while.

In the commodity saturated, ecologically depleted, and morally bankrupt world in which we find ourselves, there are only two good things providence has left us with: artificial stimulants and country music. You will be guaranteed to find both with The Gated Community, a combination country band and think tank, dedicated to the politics of equality and the pursuit of recondite but usually licit substances. Find answers to burning questions of local and global significance: Who are the people in your neighborhood? Where were plastic palm trees fabricated, ca. 1970? Is the lead singer a boy or a girl? Our militia-esque operation includes local underworld figures such as Agent Smucker, who has recently penetrated the garrisons of the enemy known as Keillor; Gustav Schelling, our youth envoy and Pioneer Camp organizer; and Guru Bali, the absent presence and heartthrob of the Community whose spirit floats into and out of every GC performance space, producing grunts, hums, CB radio signals, and other soundwaves transmitted electromagnetically via the aether and through rents in the fabric of space-time itself. Keep your eyes, ears, and noses attuned for more transmissions.

Also note: as of July 2010, our new recording, Power to My Friends (2010), is available at Twin Cities stores Cheapo Records (3 locations) and the Electric Fetus, as well as CD Baby, and can be purchased as MP3s from, iTunes,'s MP3 store, and other digital distribution sites. Happy listening!
May 14, 2006


Sumanth Gopinath
, electric & acoustic guitar and vocals,
Teresa Gowan
, fiddle and vocals,
Cody Johnson
, bass and vocals,
Katie Williams
, vocals,
Paul Hatlelid
, drums, guitar, vocals,
Scott Williams
, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and vocals,
Rosie Harris
, banjo, vocals,
Johnny Becker
, keyboards, accordion, guitars, etc. etc., vocals,
Bali Sahota
, spiritual guidance.

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