Antiwar songs by Risk
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RiskLocation: Witten, North Rhine-Westphalia
Risk was the band formerly known as Faithful Breath, who by the mid-eighties had become a respectable and fairly well known German power metal band. It's not quite clear why the band felt the need to change name, but in any case the musical style didn't change radically (though they dropped the Viking image of the old band), still in the Accept realm of straightahead power metal, maybe a bit more aggressive than in the past, possibly due to the addition of guitarist Romme Keymer, who had previously played in Angel Dust in their speed metal days. Despite some decent albums they never made it to the upper levels of metal stardom, and faded away in the mid-nineties".
(from BNR Metal Pages)
This is what BNR Metal Pages says about Risk, but there are also a few more interesting things to say...
For example, that in 1988 Risk toured with Rage and Sabbat, and the following year they opened for Manowar.
Another noteworthy thing is that Thilo Hermann, who had left the band in 1990 (after the release of "Dirty Surfaces"), joined Running Wild in 1994 and stayed until 2001. He was also Glenmore's guitarist and played with Holy Moses at the time of their 3rd album, "The New Machine of Liechtenstein".
Last but not least, "Dirty Surfaces" is the most fortunate Risk's album, having sold 25.000 copies so far.

• Heinz Mikus
, vocals,
• Roman "Romme" Keymer
, guitars,
• Thilo Hermann
, guitars,
• Peter Dell
, bass,
• Jürgen Düsterloh
, drums.