Canzoni contro la guerra di Gauntlet
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GauntletGauntlet is born in Madrid, Spain, back in 1998...
Genre: Heavy Metal
After the first years of constant struggle and several line-up changes, is not until 2006 when they give birth to “Path Of Nails”, a praiseworthy effort in all the ways that put them right in the center of the underground Metal scene.

One year later, the releasing of “The Comeback” demonstrates that they have developed a powerful and personal sound. This EP is just an appetizer for what’s coming next.

“What Doesn’t Kill Us…” (2009) recorded at New Life Studios in Madrid and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox, Finland, faithfully reflects his distinctive sound, making clear that Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Thrash can match perfectly in their multi-influenced but original style.

The band sets off on an almost 50 gigs tour playing at venues and festivals throughout, not only the Spanish territory, but also Portugal, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Belgium. A piece of this life on the road was captured in the EP “Live at Brutal Metal Fest” (2010).

And now GAUNTLET strikes back one more time with their third studio LP “S T U B B U R N”, a new turn on the screw to the band’s classic sound, even though a more aggressive approach. Recorded in January of 2012 once again at New Life Studios, but this time mastered by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Opeth, Soilwork, Devin Townsend...) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

The brand new album is a ball-crushing production that contains nine jaw-dropping tracks that includes some guest performances as Aitor Gorosabel (Su Ta Gar), Ix Valieri (Leo 037), Javier Cardoso (Vita Imana), José Gil (Unsouled), Rown Houland (Clockwork), José Garrido (Arwen), Manuel Seoane (Burning Kingdom) and Dagarod.

Miguel Rocha (Lead vocals, guitars), Daniel Millán (Guitars, backing vocals), J. C. Fernández (Bass, backing vocals) and Alejandro Martínez (Drums, steering wheel) have spilled blood, poured sweat and even shed some tear to offer you this last effort.

They are good. They are confident. And they have kept their noses to the grindstone.

Line up:
• Miguel Rocha - guitar
• Daniel Millán - guitar
• Ivo Galenov - vocals
• Santiago García - bass
• Alejandro Martínez – bass