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Antiwar songs by Susan's Room

Susan Anders (born Susan Streitwieser) grew up in Berkeley, California, at the tail end of the revolutionary wave rolling through the Bay Area. After collecting degrees from UC Santa Cruz and SF State, she got herself into a bunch of weird and cool musical situations. Among the weird: delivering singing telegrams wearing a table around her waist, and teaching doo-wop versions of Beatles songs to Buddhist monks. Among the cool: stints in a cappella, rock, jazz and Motown bands that played throughout northern California.

In 1990 Susan moved to Los Angeles, where she met and married displaced Ohioan Tom Manche. Susan's Room was formed, and the band independently released five albums of eclectic acoustic pop throughout the rest of the decade, all to glowing reviews. They found a radio home at non-commercial and community radio stations worldwide and toured and recorded for the rest of the decade.

At the turn of the century Susan felt her songs moving in a country direction. In 2002 Susan and Tom moved to Nashville, Tennessee. She released a solo CD, Release, and a lullaby CD, You Can Close Your Eyes. In 2010 she recorded a CD of more personal acoustic pop songs about mid-life, Swimmer. Susan's songs have been recorded by the Four Bitchin' Babes, The Irrationals, Jordan Carter, and many other independent artists.

Susan is also is also a vocal coach who has worked with thousands of singers, including Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum), Joey Heatherton, Rose MacGowan, Constance Marie, and L7. Her instructional releases include The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout, Singing with Style, and Harmony Singing By Ear. Her iphone app Sing Harmonies was released in the summer of 2010. Her newest singing method is The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids.

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