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Thursday's Child was born on a Monday (August Bank Holiday 2009)!

Having met at Maddy Prior's singing workshops at Stones Barn, Chris Pyam and Ken Punshon got together to try out a couple of ideas for songs. That afternoon they created about eight songs; since then over 100 more have emerged, with a few more 'bubbling away'.

Heather Dunn (another 'Barner') joined us in Nov 13 to contribute additional harmonies during the creation of our third album (Carry My Thoughts). She even wrote a brilliant song to go on the album; and is usually the percussion section of the band.

We enjoy creating and singing songs, and only do gigs very occasionally, but have played alongside several 'big names' and even supported Lady Maisery at Bury Met.

Our first album was released at the end on 2010; it is previewed at [[]] and reviewed at [[|]]

The second is previewed at [[]] and the third at

They can be purchased from [[|]] or if you come listen to us somewhere.

You can find us (and hopefully become a fan) at
[[|]] or [[|]]
where you will find all sorts of stuff.

All profits from the download of the MP3 "When The Coffins Come Home" from the store will be donated to [[|]], those from "The Burning Sun" downloads will go to [[|]]

Lyrics of many (reasonably) complete, but as yet unrecorded, songs can be found at [[|]]

Maddy Prior, Abbie Lathe, Rose Kemp, and many others

Chris Pyam, Heather DUnn, and Ken Punshon