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Antiwar songs by Elizabeth Hummel
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Elizabeth HummelElizabeth Hummel (born July 8, 1958 in Topeka, Kansas) is an American singer-songwriter best known for her activities in the San Diego area where she was voted “Best Acoustic Artist” in 1995 (other honoraries: Jewel 1994, Steve Poltz 1993). In 1998 Elizabeth teamed up with Cindy Lee Berryhill and created the “Living Room Tour” that was attended by their Internet fans and later written about in Rolling Stone Magazine. She also performed at The Lilith Fair with Sarah McLaughlin and others in 1998. Currently she lives in Olympia, Washington where she spent most of her early life and continues to compose and release her music. Her most recent CD, released January 2006, is entitled "The Turning Point" and was co-produced with Brian Castillo (The Living Jarboe, Salon Betty, Euclid). Previous to her new album she had released "The Cauldron"-1995, "American Stories"-2002 and several cassettes and limited edition CDs. Hummel’s songs have appeared in several movie soundtracks, which she has claimed as one of her favorite ways for her music to reach an audience, and she continues to build upon her catalog with well over 500 songs to her credit.

Early in life, Hummel was exposed only to the old-style folk of the Appalachians, as both of her parents and their ancestors settled in Garrett County Maryland near the famed Mason-Dixon line where her family fought on the side of the north. Most of her family still resides there.

Over the years Elizabeth has worked with musicians such as Cindy Lee Berryhill (who coined the term “anti-folk”), Joy Eden Harrison, Mary Dolan, Morgan Doctor, Scott and Rosebud Ireland, Steve Poltz (The Rugburns, Jewel), Gregory Page, Lisa Sanders, and many others. Often in San Diego while performing at Java Joe’s, Poltz or Jewel or Cindy Lee or whomever was around from that community would accompany her on stage.

Spring 2006 - Hummel is starting work on a new more musically eccentric project with her co-producer, Brian Castillo called “Waterwitch Canticles”. She is also contributing to a new project from Jarboe.