Skip Spence

Antiwar songs by Skip Spence

Alexander Lee "Skip" Spence (April 18, 1946 – April 16, 1999) was a Canadian-born American ‎musician and singer-songwriter. He was co-founder of Moby Grape, and played guitar with them ‎until 1969. He released one solo album, 1969's “Oar”, and then largely withdrew from the music ‎industry. He had started his career as a guitarist in an early line-up of Quicksilver Messenger ‎Service, and was the drummer on Jefferson Airplane's debut album, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off. ‎He has been described on the Allmusic website as "one of psychedelic rock's brightest lights"; ‎however, his career was plagued by drug addictions coupled with mental health problems, and he ‎has been described by a biographer as a man who "neither died young nor had a chance to find his ‎way out."‎