Gordy Scoville

Antiwar songs by Gordy Scoville

Transcript from an Interview with Gordy Scoville.

Gordy was born 61 years ago on the music-rich east coast of Canada. Early musical influences - Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon & Garfunkle, James Taylor. His musical style reflects these influences…

"As a refugee from the 60's and the coffee house era, I have been playing as a solo artist as well as in various duets, trios and bands from Canada to England, India, Nepal, USA, and places in between... played in classic rock, country and folk bands. I try to keep my songs as light and personal as possible in the acoustic genre. A lot of my songs speak on social issues and I try to relate to the common man/woman (like myself) and the things that are important in our journey thru this time span called life. The recording/production is not professional by any means. I usually try to do one-off takes and work around the tracks to enhance the sound in the limited time and equipment I have available. I hope some of these songs will touch a place in your heart or evoke a feeling of shared consciousness. All comments and critiques are welcome. All the best.

Why this name?

It's a given.

Do you play live?

Play live?....Not much lately! Haven't been able to squeeze it in as much as I'd like to.

Where?....played clubs in England in the 70's, various classic rock and country bands in Canada. Bounced around major hotels in India for several years...lots of parties and acoustic music gatherings.

Like it?.... Love it!

Special moments?....Opened for English band, Wishbone Ash in Bangalore, India. A buddy and I opened with 'American Pie' to warm up the crowd as they were filing into the fenced-off grounds where the concert was being held. The crowd went wild (they loved 'American Pie' over there). Growing frustrated waiting in the slow-moving line, the fence started coming down as everyone poured in so they wouldn't miss the show. We had to stop the song and yelled into the mic, "Everyone calm down, we're just Gordon and Tom..Wishbone Ash will be on in 20 minutes!" Loved the momentary rush it gave us, but felt guilty after seeing the disappointed faces..ha! Later we jammed all night with the band in the hotel room.

Was at a large bar in Kathmandu. Had my guitar with me. A fellow Canadian walked in with a saxophone. I said, 'Can you play that thing?' We started up a tune together(again, Amer.Pie). Suddenly we had the whole house singing with us,@ 50 in the upstairs bar where we were, and a couple of hundred on the lower floor. It was a cacophony of vocal chords.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

For me personally, I have discovered some absolutely beautiful music and talented people that I would never have heard, nor heard of. It brings together a community of musicians and songwriters that would be sailing along in their own solitary journey. Sites like this are more than just a platform, but it's a place to meet like-minded people. Listening to all the talent here can't help but inspire new ways to look at your own music and ways to record, different approaches to music. It's great.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Highly unlikely... don't think I could handle the stress involved and pressure to 'earn your keep'. Perhaps with a grass-roots small label. Not really concerned @ it.

Band History?

Band???...Hey, where'd they go?! (looking rapidly to my left, right and behind). A big thanks to my good friend, Steve Sampson for much appreciated harmonica parts.

Your influences?

CSNY, James Taylor, Joni Mithchell, Leonard Cohen, Ray Charles, Clapton, John Mayall, Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, Simon and Garfunkel, The Doors, The Band, Dylan, Donovan, Beatles... and many wonderful people and great musicians along the way.

Favorite spot?

Mountains or near the sea...fondest memories (place-wise) was 3 yrs living in the mountains in South India.

Equipment used:

I currently use a Simon & Patrick 'Luthier' acoustic/electric guitar. I record onto a Zoom 16-track (love it,btw), and edit /mix in CuBase SX3....and anything I can borrow.

Anything else...?

Political Views:

I'd have to say 'middle of the road'. Don't have a lot of faith in politics. I believe in true democracy, but the political system as I see it has gotten out of touch with it's purpose and no longer serves the interest of the people it is meant to serve. IMO, polarization in politics results in one side or the other getting what they want at the expense of the other side. I am a proud Canadian, but I deplore nationalistic pride that sets one nation against another. I have more of a world vision than a national vision...and I deplore the greedy, out-of-control corporate monster that has made it almost impossible for us to get back to a sustainable,healthy future for our children's children....And that, my friend, is how I see it!

Religious Views:

I am a Christian, but I am not "religious". I do not belong to any church or religious group. I do not wear my religion on my sleeve, but I am perfectly comfortable to say that I love the Lord and this beautiful world he created. I do not believe in "Churchianity"..IMO, it is a political system of belief, in which each denomination or sect has it's own particular "mandate from God", and rules that determine one's salvation. They can't all be right..and they can't all be wrong. It reminds me of the old Indian proverb of the 4 blind men and the elephant.... the 1st blindman grabbed the elephant's trunk and said 'an elephant is like a large hose'..2nd blindman grabbed a leg and said, 'an elephant is like a tree'..3rd blindman grabbed the tail and said, 'no, an elephant is like a rope'.. 4th blindman put his hands against the elephant's side and insisted, 'no. you are wrong, an elephant is like a great wall"...each had his own sense of what an elephant was like, but none saw the total picture. IMO, God is the spirit of love that gives life and breath to every living creature, and his intention is that we should live in love and harmony with one another...Man, have we screwed up!!.....And that,my friend is how I see it!

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