Spin El Poeta

Canzoni contro la guerra di Spin El Poeta

Poeta Refugiado en Canada, Latino-Indigena.
"At Risk Youth" turned Youth Advocate.
Hip Hop. RevoluciĆ³n!

SPIN was born in Guatemala in the middle of a "civil" war. Forced into exile the day after his eleventh birthday, SPIN was politicized as a child. Poet, one time refugee, immigrant, mestizo, indigenous. Respectful of the Maya cosmovision, all original peoples. "Coming from a country of war where my peoples' are ignorant and carrying the blood of resistance of every South American warrior from Tupac Amaru to Ernesto Guevara, I am very proud of my heritage and the legacy that our ancestors have left us. Now it is up to Hip Hop, to lead the new generations. People got it twisted, Sesame Street just ain't doin' it no mo... It's all about the "Read A Book" video. Ask any O.G. thug and they'll tell you the kids these days are wildin out like never before. We prayed for better days but really left them betrayed. If you can't put money in a youth's pocket then don't bother preachin' stop it. The prices skyrocket and they've killed off most of our prophets, preach and teach while earnin them profits. This will make a whole world of difference. Hip Hop is everywhere, and don't forget, Latinos where there from Hip Hop's inception.
His poetry has been defined by the injustices his own eyes witnessed while living in Guatemala, the absence of his father, the culture of Hip Hop, his mother's early teachings on the oppression of the Palestinian people, US Army atrocities. Most impacting to SPIN's early lessons was the suffering of the Maya indigenous people who make up the majority of the population in Guatemala, just as ethnic people make up the majority of the population in the world!
SPIN co-founded the youth poetry collective R.H.Y.M.E. (Revolutionaries Honouring Your Minds Eyes) and the multi disciplinary Hip Hop Collective DA SQUAD.
Having conducted workshops for youth all across the country, SPIN has been witness to the freedom that poetry and Hip Hop have granted youth whose lives were otherwise destined for jail cells and disintegration.
Hugo Chavez once said: "To lift the poor out of poverty you must give power to the poor".
SPIN says "To be a voice for the youth, you must empower the youth to speak for themselves"
Thank you for booking, supporting, being a fan, joining the street team.

No man is an island.
Together the ants will conquer the elephant".

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