Kevin Stringer

Antiwar songs by Kevin Stringer

Kevin Stringer, self proclaimed home-made musician, is by all means a nobody. Though he has opened for multiple bands as far away as Germany, such as the ‘Tumbling Hearts’, singer/ songwriter ‘Viola Limpet’ as well as famous European Rockband ‘Les Hommes Sauvages’, Kevin remains true to his motto that music is only a 'true hobby' of his.
He is a self-taught musician. Born in 1976 in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA), he took to music as soon as she was able to sing with his parents in church. Throughout his childhood, Kevin developed an appreciation for all types of musical genres such as country, folk, rock, pop, and yes, even rap. Later in his teens, he would often sit in his room for hours and listen to the radio and record songs with a tapedeck, then replay them over and over again until he was able to play the song on his acoustic guitar, an old hand-me down from his parents. What you hear today is the direct result of his ability to take a song and make it his own. There was no money for music lessons, everything was 'learn it yourself' and self created.
Years of rather terrible musical expression and self-written songs made it clear that Kevin was dedicated to finding the right sound. During high school, Kevin got together with a friend and founded Duckpond, a synthesizer based band with similar melodic tunes in its reportoire. Keeping his own musical style alive however, three albums later and at the age of 30+, Kevin is a father of two, happily married and mostly pre-occupied in that fashion. Music is his hobby and as long as people want to hear him, he will keep writing and performing his music.
His music portrays many raw emotions of pain, anger and honest sincerity in an utterly folksy way, clearly showing the influence of artists such as Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi and Johnny Cash.
Though loud and crazy at times his true calling is melodic story- telling of emotional anguish, trial and tribulations all based on his personal experiences and interesting perspectives of life, such as those of a little child in "Before I Was Born".
Though never yearning to be famous, the desire to share his music burns ever more and with positive feedback, perhaps you may enjoy Kevin's music for many years to come.