Hal BlockHarold "Hal" Block (August 2, 1913 – June 16, 1981) was an American comedy writer, comedian, ‎producer, songwriter and television personality. Block is most often remembered as an original ‎panelist of the television game show “What's My Line?” who was fired from the show in only its ‎third season, reportedly for inappropriate on-air behavior. Block is a controversial figure in the ‎history of television with denunciations being made by some, while others praise him as a comedy ‎writer and credit him with contributing to the original success of What's My Line?‎
During the 1940s, Block was considered one of America's best comedy writers, having worked for ‎many of the top comedians of the era, such as Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, ‎Milton Berle and Burns and Allen and in all major mediums, including radio, Hollywood movies, ‎Broadway and print. Block also made a major contribution to the USO during World War II.‎