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Catherine Moon is a songwriter based in Clifton, New Jersey (USA) whose music veers from ethereal dreaminess
to hard-edged soul. Moon has cultivated a style of songwriting that is both striking and diverse.
A music review in the Hudson Current stated, "Catherine Moon obliterates the barriers between folk and other music...she slides among genres as nimbly as a 14-year-old on a skateboard changes direction...Moon's versatility is immense, her impact tactile, her moods and influences
far flung."

Other NJ music critics sing her praises...

Chris Jordan of the Home News describes Moon's "unique vocal delivery that is at once ethereal and plaintive and will sometimes shade into the spiritual."

Ben Horowitz of the Star Ledger writes, "her breathy, expressive quavering vocals...with her airy, hard-driving, jazz-tinged acoustic guitar...added a searing edge to her dreamy, primal, alternative folk-rock on songs like 'Higher Power' and 'Body', a blunt number aiming to reclaim women's sexuality with the ferocious song-ending line 'I will not be tamed'."

Freelance music writer Joseph Del Priore stated, "Beneath her surface fragility lies a strength of will, an honesty, and a refusal to be anyone's Madonna, scape-goat, or rag doll. She writes a passionate gospel for a church I wish I beloned to."

Music Among Friends Coffeehouse Crier states, "It's the tone and tension, the swerves and synapses that connect syllables, the soul and spirituality that embody Catherine Moon's powerfully expressive instrument, that lasso you into her herd of admirer's."

Catherine Moon studied voice at Ithaca College in New York State. Upon graduating she relocated to Austin, Texas, where she began playing guitar and writing songs. She made her debut as a solo artist at Houston's Westheimer Arts Festival in October, 1992, but it was in the folk venues of Austin's 6th Street area where she polished her craft as a songwriter.
In 1994, she moved back to her home state of NJ, where she recorded her debut CD "Winter Sleep" and released it in May of 1995. The album received excellent reviews in The Aquarian, Jersey Beat, Musician's Exchange, and New York's New Review of Records (to name a few). The CD also received a great deal of airplay across the Northeast on college and public radio. It was voted "CD OF THE WEEK" on WERS in Boston in March of 1996.
Moon went on to record a 4-song EP in 1997 and a Live CD in 2001. She just released her first full length studio album since "Winter Sleep" in September of 2002. This new album features her new band which includes her lead guitar-playing husband Josh Rubin, acoustic double bass player Paul Ivory, percussionist Lara Gonzalez, and legendary drummer Luther Rix who toured with Bob Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Tour.
Moon has played prestigious venues such as Outpost in the Burbs in Montclair NJ, The Turning Point in Piermont NY, Maxwells in Hoboken NJ, and Postcrypt Coffeehouse at Columbia University in NYC. She has opened for Ani DiFranco, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich and Democracy Now's Amy Goodman. She was one of six songwriting acts (out of over 100 applicants) chosen to play the New Folk Showcase at 1995's NJ Folk Festival. Moon has also showcased at the New York Underground Music and Poetry Festival and the Midwest Music Summit.
Moon's latest musical material is infused with her political vision, and it is no coincidence that her musical activities of late have revolved around her activism. Her merging of music and politics began with feminist causes such as 'Take Back The Night' rallies, candlelight vigils for battered women, and pro choice concerts including the 2000 state-wide rally in Trenton. Since then she has expanded her efforts to global issues. In April 2001, Moon organized benefit concert at Rutgers University for Rainforest Action Network in support of the U'wa Tribe and their struggle against a multinational oil corporation. In January 2002, she organized a benefit concert at Debaun Auditorium at Steven's Institute in Hoboken in support of RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) and their struggle against fundamentalist oppression. For most of 2002, Moon worked at New Jersey Peace Action as a grassroots organizer. More recent involvements include the Musicians for Kucinich network and the NJ coalition of activist-musicians called "Voices of the Revolution." Her single "Where Is My Country" appears in the Independent Film "Poison DUst" a documentary on the effects of Depleted Uranium and Gulf War Syndrome.

Do you play live?

These days Catherine Moon plays mainly for Grassroots organizations fighting for peace and global justice.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

It's given more power to independent musicians and helped them to reach a lareger audience.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Probably not, but it depends on the deal/label.

Your influences?

Psychedelic Rock and Folk songwriters of the 60's, as well as contemporary singer-songwriters.

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