Antiwar songs by Theodicy
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TheodicyTheodicy - founded 1997 - started with two guys from Theodicy (GERMANY) making some metal music. They found some other guys, getting a "real band feeling", writing songs, playing live. They build up a little studio, started recording and the drummer left (he moved to a afr distant location) and the singer was a father-to-be. So the 2 guys stand there, a one song demo in there hands and no playable lineup. Additional they had to move away from the actual studio-location.
In the year 1998 Gabor and Milan had the glorious idea to make music. The musical education Gabor had for one year was the base. So they started to play at home with their guitars and first drumcomputer.
One of their friends named Robert had a little homework to do for school. It implicated recording some music. So by helping each other they found a new companion for the band. But now they had the problem about where to make the nonsense noise. So their beloved grandma allowed them to jam in her flower stack. After a few weeks the mood of gran an the other village people was bad and the tolerance relative the music low. So they had to find anew place. An old college from the band “Rockemüller” offered them to rent a rehearsal room. This was way better.
Over the parties and drinking bouts of the last times they get to know a really voiceful fellow. So there was Bryan - their new singer, Robert found his talent for drums and Milan began to play bass guitar while Gabor stayed with the e-guitar. Then the four of them were looking for other musicians which eventually was a really disappointing quest: there were both lazybones and nerds as well as some kind of scatterbrained guys.
But all in all the times became better, the rehearsal room bigger. New technical equipment followed as well as new instruments. The studio could be built with the new technician Carsten on their side.
As they became older work and family were another important issue so that some had to leave and Milan and Gabor were alone again in the end of the year 2005. In addition to that the building of the rehearsal room was sold to a new owner.
Luckily they had a good mate named Tobias whose granddad gave them a new room for rent. Also Tobias became the new drummer after a while. Besides 2008 was a good year because Brayn came back again and Milan visited a concert of “Twiligthbreath” whose guitarist Patrick should become the new rhythm-guitarist of Theodicy. This new young thrash-and-death-metal-loving member brought in fresh ideas. Since then Theodicy were complete and the songs had to be rewritten for two guitars. After that they tried to record their first album next to the practice hours. After finishing recordings they arranged a session in fall 2011 with Andy Classen (Holy Moses, Tankard, Belphegor, Legion Of The Damned) who mixed and mastered the album and gave it a heavy sound. Now Theodicy is positively optimistic to rock the world for all the obstacles they mastered.

They build up the new studio, beneath work, time goes by, the singer returns, a drummer was found and the first time in band history - they got a 2nd guitar player. We're having 2007 - 10 years after founding - the band restarts. Digging out old songs, writing new ones... So in the space of 4 years they recorded the album "DIARY OF WAR" adding a new frame to the "traditional metal soundscape" by e.g. introducing machine-gun samples combined with the sound of a real bassdrum. "War sucks but it sounds great!"
War Metal ist born!
Influences: Sodom, Tankard, Metallica, Slayer, Venom, Exodus, Kreator, Destruction, Pantera, Sepultura, Kataklysm, Unleashed...

Old School - you know!
Equipment used:
Engl Invader 100; CADILLAC X ; Ltd Explorer
Peavey Valve King; Ibanez RG320
Ampeg SVT
Tama Rockstar Custom; Iron Cobra


• Tobias, Drums/Percussion, born in 06 Sep 1981
• Gabor, Guitar/Vocals, born on 20 Feb 1980
• Bryan, Voice/Vocals / Songwriter, born in first Auquarius 17y before 2k
• Patrick, Guitar, born in 16 Jun 1990
• Milan, Bass-guitar/Vocals / Songwriter, born in 12 jan 1982

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