September 29th

Antiwar songs by September 29th

Transcript from an Interview with September 29th (Olgostin)

September 29th is a folk-rock/blues/electronic band formed, or rather born on September 29th 1983.

It is a solo band as Olgostin does all of the composition, arrangements and production as well as singing, playing the acoustic/electric guitars, bass, keyboards and programming the drums.

Why this name?

My band is a Libra ;)

Do you play live?

Not at this moment.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?



Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Major labels kill free expression.
But, honestly, I don't have to worry. No major label will ever be interested in my work.

Band History:
I've never fitted in anywhere, so after years of asking people to form a band with me I decided to give it up and become my own band.
Last Summer (2007) I released my 15-track debut album "Herald of the morn". It was self-produced. It costs 15 €, shipping included.

Your influences?

Good music. Blablabla...

Favorite spot?

I don't feel like drawing up a long list.... London? Barcelona? Greece? Moscow? Tromsø? Blablabla...

Equipment used:

I have two guitars, an acoustic and an electric one; a bass, some harmonicas, a computer with a keyboard I convert into a musical one (yeah, that's funny), Logic software, an audio interface, a couple of cables, a phantom mic.... blablabla...

Anything else...?

I'm a pacifist. Be humane, people. Stay human!

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