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Antiwar songs by Aeturnus Dominion
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Aeturnus DominionTranscript from an Interview with Aeturnus Dominion.

Incarnated in early 2003, Aeturnus Dominion has become a solid force within the ever growing Aussie metal scene. Self described as 'Brutal Aussie Bastard Metal', Aeturnus Dominion incorporate a hybrid meshing of death, thrash, black and old school metal into an aural onslaught of brutality... Aeturnus Dominion consists of Dan Barrett [lead vocals], Ted Foster [Demented – guitar & vocals], Tait Kristen [Spud – bass & vocals], Steve Austin [Ozi - drums] and PJ Westbury [Guitar]. The band, based in Berkeley Vale, NSW, Australia, with Grindhead Records was struck in mid 2005 and by Feb 2006, GHR had re-released the band's 2004 home recorded CD, 'Semper Tyranis', (which gained a top 10 placing in the 2004 Music Oz Awards). October 2006 saw the release of the 'Psychotic' CD. With a delay in recording of the bands 3rd release due to continuous line up issues, GHR dropped the band from the label, which was followed by more line up problems. With global airplay on various metal radio stations and positive reviews in webzines, the Aeturnus Dominion fan base has grown dramatically and is something to be proud of, for any underground band. Aeturnus Dominion has supported international bands, Disgorge (US), Dawn of Azazel (NZ), Profanation (Germany), Defiled (Japan), Nervecell from (UAE) on the Metalstock Road Rage Tour as well as sharing the stage with many of Australia's prominent metal bands, including Mortal Sin, Vaticide, Infernal Method and Dungeon...
Aeturnus Dominion has supported international bands, Disgorge (US), Dawn of Azazel (NZ), Profanation (Germany), Defiled (Japan) as well as travelling 'round Australia on the Road Rage Tour supporting Nervecell (UAE) in May/April 2007. Recently the band has had to reluctantly turn down several overseas performance opportunities due to lack of funding. This is something the band is working hard to overcome.
Aeturnus Dominion’s lyrical content covers 'real life' topics such as: suicide, global annihilation, war, death, murder, solitude, depression, child abuse, psychosis, mental illnesses and issues, among many other negative things that life seems to throw our way!
Aeturnus Dominion hail from the land down under and deliver a bastard breed of metal that utilizes the best of all metal genre's and create a signature aural assault called 'Brutal Aussie Bastard Metal'.

Why this name?

The name was originally a song title and was chosen as the band name as well. "Aeturnus Dominion" basically means 'place of eternity', which is Death.

Do you play live?

AD has toured to several Aussie states and gigs quite often. The band's goal is to eventually make it overseas to tour in Europe, Asia and the US.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has its good and bad points. Exposure being the main good point.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

If the offer was beneficial, yes!

Your influences?

Slayer, Carcass, Death, Deicide, Dark Tranquility, Children Of Bodom, Stormtroopers Of Death, Testament, Kreator, AC/DC, Rose Tatto, Dark Tranquility, Agnostic Front, Obituary, Vio-lence, Celtic Frost, Fear Factory, Madball, Sadistic Execution, Megadeth, Pantera, Black Sabbath and Coroner to name a few!

Favorite spot?

Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

Equipment used:

Marshall, Peavey, Behringer, Boss, EV, Ibanez, ESP, Pure Tone, Boss, Digitech, Pearl, Zildjian, Pastie, Dava, Fast Fret, DW, Shure, JD and beer!

Past members:

Mary Lawton (v),
Grant Cambpell (g),
Jesse Aiken (v),
Steve Austin (d),
Shane Hall (b)
Dave Wratten (b).

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