AGNT 008

Antiwar songs by AGNT 008

Transcript fron an Interview with AGNT 008

AGNT 008 is not other than the rapper Lee A. Reynolds from San Jose, CALIFORNIA... Why this name?

It was the one that most fit my personality of what and who I could be if fantasies could become reality.
I’m a true artist, I’ve been into music since I was a toddler, got a keyboard at age 5 and never stopped playing, found out in high school that I
had a gift to write, was intrigued by sugar hill, I was converted by: grand master flash and the furious five: song: THE MESSAGE I was hooked.
I love Funk & HARD ROCK, deadly combination, as a musician and lyricist. cover the spectrum as to
subject matter, gangsta , ballad, horror , politics, militant black , sex, dance I’ve written #1085 songs to date, numbered dated, & categorized by genre. look to leave folks with a message you can feel, my trademark very rare to here me recite the same rhyme twice , never leave the subject matter of the particular song for rhyming sake, and I never not rhyme. smile

Wrote my first rap in prison, on a bet, guy said I couldn’t do it, I said I could, back in 1985, I never stopped writing from there it was a cool way to past the time and escape, I’ve worked with basically the same musicians my whole career, namely myself, my boy troy temple, and my boy tim reed, there have been others but troy is my core
affiliate when it comes to music, i don’t say beat, because what he produces goes way beyond the category of beat, my man makes the coldest funk few have yet to here but that is soon to change very soon. my styles unique some love it some hate it, that’s art, I just keep puttin’ out what I feel is Good to my soul.

Do you play live?

Yes, I love it, as a rapper I believe the proof is in the pudding, I love to watch the crowed transform, and get that look and feel and that knowing nod when you really start kickin’ ass doin something unique with feeling, the Henry J. Kaiser was the biggest venue I’ve ever rapped at, located in Oakland caliph next to the collisium, I knew things were gonna go up from there, no looking back!

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

For the better definitely, it gave the poor artist who was talented a global audience, that’s priceless to me smile.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?


Your influences?

James Brown, Prince, Metallica, Ac Dc, Stylistics, Earth Wind & Fire, Genesis, Journey, Rakim, Ice Cube, E 40, Twister
Mixalot, Buster Rhymes, Public Enemy, Paris
Trick Daddy, David Banner, Nas, Ghetto Boys

Favorite spot?

Hills of East Side San Jose

Equipment used:

Low Budjet : Casio ctk 620 keyboard, dr 202 drumb machine, Tascam porta o2 , 4 track mixer

Anything else...?

I believe all music has an audience , some small
some huge, here is when the fuse is lit for me to see how big my bang really is, but know im a true
artist and if nobody liked my cuts its cool, I really do love when I make a song, and im humbled
and flattered when I’m allowed to perform, and most pleased when I can write something to impart hope or knowledge to anyone breathing. Peace.