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Canzoni contro la guerra di Mark Tindall

Transcript from an Interview with Mark Tindall

Mark Tindall, based in Maitland, AUSTRALIA, is an innovator over many fields. His degrees include the areas of both education and philosophy. He has taught in the public and private sector being both a School Principal and a Training Manager. He has authored a book of poetry and several educational books and has exhibited his paintings. He has also dabbled in acting. He is now a full time musician having begun his musical career at the age of 15 and working with numerous bands. Although primarily a guitarist/songwriter he is proficient in many instruments featured in his numerous albums...

Good day! I come from the Land Down Under. I played in a number of bands. Recorded several albums. Yes, Grinspoon fans, I was guitarist in Phil Jamieson's dad's band "Good Grief" (Will Jamieson - lead singer) with an album called "Nobody's Hero" (Heaven Records: 1980). Yes, CCM fans, Jeff Crabtree, was also the keyboard player in the same band.

Why this name?

I've grown used to it. It was given to me by my parents:
Mark - Warlike / a hammer / a lion
Tindall - from the valley of the Tyne River, on the border of Scotland / England.

Do you play live?

Yes. It is very difficult to play while dead.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

Freedom for the individual artist to create a lifetime body of work and have it accessible to the world without the interference of economic rationalists.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

No. Music is an art form and not a commodity.

Your influences?

John Lennon (including Beatles), U2, Bob Dylan, Rabelaise, Socrates. Spike Milligan, Dame Edna Everidge, Ned Kelly, Tim Minchin, Hashem and my wife. Philosophy. Art.

Favorite spot?

"The City Of Excitement" ... still trying to find the excitement.

Equipment used: Steam driven.

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