Ibrahim Qashoush /ابراهيم قاشوش

Canzoni contro la guerra di Ibrahim Qashoush /ابراهيم قاشوش

Ibrahim Qashoush (died 4 July 2011) was a fireman and amateur poet from Hama, Syria.
During the 2011 Syrian uprising, Qashoush was noted for singing and authoring songs mocking Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the ruling Ba'ath party. The protest anthem, "Come on, Bashar, time to leave", is attributed to him.
On 4 July 2011, Qashoush was found dead in the Orontes River, his throat cut and his vocal cords ripped out. After his murder, fellow protesters hailed Qashoush as the "nightingale of the revolution"