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Antiwar songs by Steely James

Transcript from an Interview with Steely James

Steely James is a singer/songwriter/performer from the Indianapolis area in Indiana living in Nashville, TN (U.S.A. ). A talented songwriter, combining his smooth voice and percussive guitar work - you really don't want to miss the opportunity to listen to this extraordinary performer." A multi-instrumentalist he plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums.

He is unique because of the bridge he's built connecting his Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Pop-ish, yet sometimes dark style to his Native American ties. Public response is amazing, a testament to his direction, talent and the story that surrounds him.
On Independence Day in The United States of America, Nashroc Records released what could be the most powerful political album of all time-Free Speech Experiment by Steely James.
This incredible, incendiary and important release by Steely James has made a statement that will reach far beyond the limits of the pop world. His mission with Free Speech Experiment seems not for fame, money or the trappings of success, but to get a message out from The People... to The Politicians. Through his incredible talents as a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, he is speaking for the masses in a way few are able to do. In many ways, "Free Speech Experiment" continues the US tradition of great protest singers from Woody Guthrie right through to Chuck D. Now the modern day protester, Steely James pulls no punches with songs such as Unmanned Police Drones, Things That Kill People, No More War, The Corporation, and Black Gold.

People have eagerly embraced the message and are buying into James' music. A nationwide acoustic tour is already in the cards. Bit by bit, town by town, his voice is being heard. James is not only singing a lament for the terrible wrongs that have been done to America by political corruption, but is, more importantly, uniting the people. It takes many together as one strong voice to bring positive changes, the Free Speech Experiment has begun...

D: Steely's vocal style has been described as silky smooth with very catchy song hooks. His performances are very well received around Indiana, Illinois & Ohio where he's sold over 4500 CD's…

Steely: "There have been a lot of things in my life that have led me in this direction and I'm completely confident in my choices, my surroundings, my music and my becoming independent as an artist. I do play in other musical projects as well, so putting a killer band together is a simple matter, but I like knowing that I don't have to depend on one particular group of musicians for my original music, and around here, I usually just take my guitar and play….I tend to make more money that way… "

D: Steely's organic and open approach to music can be credited to his influences both musical and spiritual. A very positive person whose sense of humor is undeniable. His songs strike a perfect balance between AAA and commercial singer/songwriter genres.
Do you play live?

Steely: "I perform mostly around Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio".

D: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Steely: "If it would better expose my music to the public as well as put some extra money in my pocket, I might.. "

D: Your influences?

Steely: "I'm into singer/songwriter stuff...I also dig Miles Davis....I love jazz"

D: Favorite spot?

Steely: "London, England".

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