Meira AsherInterdisciplinary societal artist Meira Asher, was born in Israel and is living in the Netherlands.
Studied Tabla and Dhrupad in Varanasi-India, and traditional drumming, voice and dance of the Ga, Eve and Dagomba people of Ghana, both of which she later taught and performed.
BFA in percussion and multidisciplinary arts at California Institute of the Arts (1990). Master in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague (2002).
Art projects Dissected (album and performance 1997), Spears into Hooks (album and performance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1999), Infantry (album and performance with Guy Harries, on child manipulation and child soldiers 2001), and Face_WSLOT (album, book, art installation, and documentary film on female ex-child combatants in Sierra Leone 2004) toured and published throughout the world. Co-founder (2001) of the bodylab art foundation in The Hague.

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