Jennifer Katharine Griffin Chesney è un soprano newyorkese: "Hailed as an "impressive voice with subtlety and range" by National Public Radio, soprano Jennifer Griffin Chesney has a rich, sensual sound tailor-made for her sophisticated and dynamic interpretations of Romantic Art Song and opera, particularly in the works of Strauss, Wagner, Puccini and Weill. "Miles Apart was recorded over a three hour period in a small rehearsal room with a 7ft Steinway grand. Jennifer sang into a vintage Neumann tube microphone, the U-47, which is capable of capturing tremendous sound pressure levels as well as subtle tonal variations, both necessities for recording Ms. Griffin Chesney. An all tube Manley signal path with its optical compressor placed brilliantly in front of the microphone preamplifier gave me the added insurance to put her huge dynamic range to tape. It was remarkable to watch Jennifer sing song after song with such subtlety, intensity, and strength, breaking only to allow me to change tape! A rare pleasure." --Sean Pearson, Producer" (dall'introduzione al suo album di arie "Miles Apart" reperibile a
Sean Pearson è il suo produttore e collaboratore, nonché cantautore in proprio.