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Transcript from an Interview with Doktah Soose

Dok's unusual style was inspired by both children's authors (Dr. Seuss) and hardcore rappers (Sticky Fingaz of Onyx). He was born in Philadelphia, PA, and has since spent his life there trying to find his way. While in 3rd grade he began writing political satire short stories about the then current President Clinton, as well as VP Gore, Speaker Gingrich, etc. based on stories he heard on the news or he read out of his parents' Time and Newsweek magazines. Dok continued his fiction writing along with his poetry through high school when he began recording and performing poetry. He has been fortunate enough to make a name for himself enough that he was invited to perform for two of different Philly Mayors at private functions.

Aside from music though, life wasn't always fun. Dok found out at 14 that he would soon become a father. By eighteen, he had two kids and had been kicked out of one of the best high school's in the nation. However, he wasn't ready to give in. He has become the best father, son, employee, MC, person he can be while he still hopes for his chance in the spotlight.

Why this name?

My first introduction into the amazing art of rhyming came at a young age from reading Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. As i continued my early education I found myself bored while reading other material that didn't end their lines with similar sounding words. The rhymes and flows from these books inspired me to pursue a life of expressing myself through these bars.

Do you play live?

From Philadelphia to the Philippines to the Philistenes and everywhere in be-philly-tween

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

Positive and negative. The internet allows musicians who weren't ordained by the music industry a chance to show their skills to their peers. However, the illegal downloading has crippled the once thriving industry.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

If the right deal came along....

Your influences?

Dr. Seuss // Nas // Wu-Tang // Eminem // B.I.G. // Onyx // A Tribe Called Quest // Common // The Roots // MF Doom // Mobb Deep // GangStarr //
Favorite spot?

Philly Philly

Equipment used: Pen, pad, mic, computer, samples, brain

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