DARG TeamDARG TeaM Da Arabian Revolutionary Guys - started their Arabic rap & hip hop journey in 2004. - Established by the four Mc's ( SAM, MADY, BESS and 3NTR ) later on joined them the ( MAROOF AKA "3OFNI" ) as a music producer, ( Ahmed AKA "SHAHBANDR" ) as the Arabic beat maker and finally ( QD ) the photographer. - Due to the lack of resources the team recorded about ( 25 home recording ) songs , low quality. Only to be in depth with the local listeners. - Performed many live shows in the Gaza Strip, and gained a respectful audience that is being increased at the moment. - 1st home made album called ( BEL-GHORBAH 2008 ). - Due to lack of finance haven’t been able to record our songs in a professional studios not to mention the marketing loss. - 1st video clip made with our little recourses. - Participated in many events and activities with local and international NGO's such as " Jawwal CO., MASHAREQ EST., Al Massa Group, society of arts and culture, Sharek Forum, Baytuna corporation, Ahaleena corporation, Ard Tiba association) plus the private activities. - The team have published some songs that haven’t been included in the album yet such as ( MOGHTAREB "An expatriate ", EID B EID "Hand in Hand", AL HUB W AL SALAM "Love & Peace" ) - won the Hip Hopkom competition the first Hip Hop competition in Palestine in June 2009.

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