Jon Harflett & John Perkins

Antiwar songs by Jon Harflett & John Perkins

Transcript from an Interview with Jon Harflett & John Perkins about The gathering of Artists Against War.

Jon Harflett and John Perkins began playing together in 1967, but their sole album, the beautifully melodic and intimate "Looking Back On The Future" didn't appear until 1975. Though critically praised, it was only issued as a private pressing and was thus condemned to obscurity until its legend began to grow through collectors and bootleggers. This is its first official issue, and comes complete with rare photographs, bonus tracks and detailed liner notes by the duo, making it an essential purchase for all lovers of acid folk.

"Folk rock characterised by surreal lyrics and melancholic accompaniment.....the album maintains a consistently good standard throughout" - The Tapestry Of Delights

The gathering of Artists Against War (2003) came together to have our say on the war against Iraq. We always hope these things are not to be repeated, but are continually disappointed to find mankind (or at least some of them) never learn!

As witness the recent events in Gaza. Don't call it a war. It was not a war between two evenly weaponised armies. It was the equiivelant of nuking people armed with sticks and stones!

This special performance of 'Dogs Of War' features Bo Walton, Indi Hawkes, Ron Walton, Marcus Bekker, Colette Nicholls, Steve Herbert, John Perkins, Michelle Gerrard and other members of the band LIFE.

President George W. Bush wanted you to believe wolves are waiting in the woods to attack USA. We got news for you. THE WOLVES WERE ALREADY IN THE WHITE HOUSE and you needed to run them out.

Were you finally successful in 2009? We hope so, but we will be watching this space. A lot has been said about sopping arms to Hamas ... perhaps in the interests of even handedness the US should stop arming Israel with illegal weaponry ...... Yes Obama, WE (the people) CAN!

Why this name?

Think that's obvious

Do you play live?

Only special occasions......and this recording was one.

Your influences?

All manner of influences in play on this track, from acoustic folk to rock.

Favorite spot?

Where peace reigns!

Anything else...?

It's time for USA to wake up before it sleep walks into losing it's democracy totally to a group of neo Nazi thugs. Nuff said! .... and sadly that could still apply, but we hope not. Hoping on the 20th Jan 2009 that change has come for good, not evil.