Racism and Slavery in the USA


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(For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People (The Chi-Lites) Downloadable! Video!
(I Have) a Dream (Common) Downloadable! Video!
(I’m Marching Down) Freedom Road (Josh White) Video!
(To Be) Young, Gifted and Black (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue‎ (Louis Armstrong) Downloadable! Video!
4 Little Girls (Pantera Saint-Montaigne) Video!
A Brand New Day (Diana Ross) Downloadable! Video!
A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke) Downloadable! Video!
Across The Lines (Tracy Chapman) Downloadable! Video!
African Lady (Langston Hughes)
Ain't Got No / I Got Life‎ (Nina Simone) Video!
Ain't That Fine (Malvina Reynolds)
Alabama (John Coltrane) Video!
Alabama (Neil Young) Video!
Alabama Blues (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Alabama Earth (at Booker T. Washington’s Grave)‎ (Langston Hughes) Downloadable! Video!
All the Pretty Little Horses (Hush-a-Bye) (Anonymous) Video!
American Soul (U2) Video!
Angel Down (Lady Gaga) Video!
Angela (John Lennon) Video!
Angela (Yannick Noah) Downloadable! Video!
Angela (Quartetto Cetra) Downloadable!
Anne Braden (Flobots) Downloadable!
Another Imperial Day (New Model Army) Video!
Antislavery Hymn (Anonymous)
Are We a Nation? (Sweet Honey in the Rock) Video!
Armstrong sulla luna (Tj DJ)
At the Purchaser's Option (Rhiannon Giddens) Video!
Attica Blues (Archie Shepp) Downloadable! Video!
Babylon Is Fallen! (Henry Clay Work)
Bakai (John Coltrane) Video!
Ballad for Mike Brown (Marco Chiavistrelli) Video!
Ballad of Birmingham (Tim Ryan)
Ballad of Hattie Carroll (Don West)
Ballad Of Oxford, Mississippi (Jimmy Meredith) (Phil Ochs) Downloadable!
Ballad of Paul Robeson (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable!
Ballad of Sam Mabrey (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable!
Ballad of Sojourner Truth (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable!
Ballad of the Deacons (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable!
Ballad of the Student Sit-Ins (Guy Carawan) Video!
Ballade de Muhammad Ali (Francesca Solleville)
Baltimore (Prince) Downloadable!
Be Free (J. Cole) Video!
Beau John (Tom Paxton) Video!
Been in the Storm So Long (Anonymous) Video!
Better Get It Right the First Time (Rhiannon Giddens) Video!
Bilbo Is Dead (Andrew Tibbs) Video!
Birmingham Sunday (Richard Fariña) Downloadable! Video!
Black & White (Janis Ian)
Black and White America (Lenny Kravitz) Downloadable! Video!
Black Betty (Leadbelly) Downloadable! Video!
Black Cross (Hezekiah Jones) (Bob Dylan) Downloadable!
Black Day In July (Gordon Lightfoot) Downloadable! Video!
Black Gold (Esperanza Spalding) Downloadable! Video!
Black Pearl (Checkmates, Ltd.) Video!
Black, Brown and White (Big Bill Broonzy) Downloadable! Video!
Blackbird (Beatles) Video!
Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan) Video!
Blood (Algiers) Video!
Blue Spirit Blues (Bessie Smith) Video!
Blues for Emmett Till (Aaron Kramer)
Blues for Martin Luther King (Otis Spann) Video!
Born Dead (J.B. Lenoir) Downloadable! Video!
Bourgeois Blues (Leadbelly) Downloadable!
Boy (Tip & Tinker)
Brother, Where Are You? (Oscar Brown, Jr) Video!
Brown Baby (Nina Simone) Video!
Brown Girl (John D. Loudermilk)
Bruce Springsteen: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Downloadable! Video!
Burn (Killer Mike) Video!
Burn, Baby, Burn (Bill Frederick)
By the Time I Get to Arizona (Public Enemy) Video!
Cadillac Assembly Line (Albert King) Video!
Call It What It Is (Ben Harper) Video!
Carry It On (Joan Baez) Downloadable! Video!
Certainly, Lord! (Anonymous) Video!
Chain Gang Boun’ (Josh White) Video!
Chocolate City (Parliament) Video!
Choice of Colors (The Impressions) Video!
Clifford Glover (The Human Condition) Video!
Color Blind Angel (Robin Rogers) Video!
Come Love Come (Rhiannon Giddens) Video!
Come Out (Steve Reich) Downloadable! Video!
Coming Together (Sam Melville) Video!
Complainte pour Angela Davis (Francesca Solleville) Video!
Conscientious Objector (I Shall Die) (Mary Travers) Video!
Contraband Now (Frank Wardlaw)
Cotton Fields (Leadbelly) Video!
Countrycide (Alvin Youngblood Hart) Downloadable!
Cruel Slavery Days (Fields Ward & His Buck Mountain Band) Video!
Cryin' In The Streets (George Perkins & The Silver Stars) Downloadable! Video!
Dancing in the Street (Martha and the Vandellas) Video!
Danger Danger (Janis Ian) Video!
Dans la peau de Mike Brown (Johnny Hallyday) Video!
Daybreak (Stone Roses) Downloadable! Video!
Daybreak in Alabama (Langston Hughes) Downloadable! Video!
Days Of Decision (Phil Ochs) Downloadable! Video!
Death Of Martin Luther King (Champion Jack Dupree) Video!
Defense Factory Blues (Josh White) Video!
Did You Hear What They Said? (Gil Scott-Heron) Downloadable! Video!
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? (Paul Robeson) Video!
Die Ballade von dem Briefträger William L. Moore aus Baltimore, der im Jahre 63 allein in die Südstaaten wanderte. Er protestierte gegen die Verfolgung der Neger. Er wurde erschossen nach einer Woche. Drei Kugeln trafen seine Stirn. (Wolf Biermann) Video!
Discriminación a un mártir (Anonymous)
Do You See My Skin Through the Flames? (Blood Orange) Video!
Don't Call Me Buckwheat (Garland Jeffreys) Downloadable! Video!
Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey (Sly and the Family Stone) Downloadable! Video!
Don’t Kill My Baby and My Son (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Down in Mississippi (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Dreamer (Prince) Video!
Driva’ Man (Max Roach) Video!
El hormiguero (Calle 13) Video!
Elaine Brown (Interlude) (Alicia Keys) Video!
Ella’s Song (Sweet Honey in the Rock) Video!
Eterna memoria (Ginevra Di Marco) Downloadable! Video!
Everybody Cryin' About Vietnam (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Everybody Wants Freedom (Anonymous) Downloadable!
Everyday People (Sly and the Family Stone) Video!
Evolution (and Flashback) (Gil Scott-Heron) Downloadable! Video!
Fayette County (Pete Seeger) Video!
Follow the Drinking Gourd (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
For Women (Ursula Rucker) Downloadable! Video!
For Women (Talib Kweli) Downloadable! Video!
Four Women (Nina Simone) Video!
Free Until They Cut Me Down (Iron&Wine) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom (Marisa Ronstadt) Video!
Freedom (Beyoncé) Video!
Freedom (Charles Mingus) Video!
Freedom (The Isley Brothers) Video!
Freedom Day (Max Roach) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom Freedom Rider (Marilyn Eisenberg) Video!
Freedom Here (Maria Dunn)
Freedom Highway (Staple Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom is a Constant Struggle (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom Train (James Carr) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom Train (Paul Robeson) Downloadable!
Freedom's Star (Anonymous)
Freight Elevator (Latin Quarter) Downloadable!
From the Plantation to the Penitentiary (Wynton Marsalis) Video!
George Gershwin: Summertime (GLI EXTRA DELLE CCG / AWS EXTRAS / LES EXTRAS DES CCG) Video!
George Stinney (P-Dash) Video!
Glory (John Legend) Downloadable! Video!
Go down, Moses (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Go Tell It on the Mountain (Fannie Lou Hamer) Video!
God Bless the Grass (Malvina Reynolds) Video!
God Made Us All (Ode to the Negro Race) (Lord Invader)
Goin' Down to Mississippi (Phil Ochs) Video!
Governor Wallace (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Greensboro Massacre (Bob A. Feldman) Video!
Grow (Algee Smith) Video!
Haemoglobin (Placebo) Video!
Half-Breed (Cher) Video!
Hammer Man (Anonymous)
Hands Up (Uncle Murda) Video!
Hangknot, Slipknot (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!
Harriet Tubman (Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick) Downloadable!
Harriet Tubman (Holly Near)
Hell You Talmbout (Janelle Monáe) Video!
Here's To The State Of Mississippi (Phil Ochs) Video!
Hey, Nelly Nelly (Judy Collins) Downloadable! Video!
Hold the Line (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
Homeless Blues (Bessie Smith) Video!
Hoodiez (Willie D) Video!
How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise (Brother D) Video!
How Would You Feel?‎ (Jimi Hendrix) Downloadable! Video!
Hurricane (Bob Dylan) Video!
Hymn to Freedom (Oscar Peterson) Video!
I Ain't a-Scared of Your Jail (Anonymous)
I Believe I'm Gonna Make It (Joe Tex) Downloadable!
I Have A Dream (Martin Luther King) Downloadable!
I Sat on a Bus (Dominique Moore) Downloadable! Video!
I wonder why (Rick Ross) Downloadable!
I'm Not the Man (10,000 Maniacs) Downloadable!
I'm on My Way (Almanac Singers)
If I Had A Hammer (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
If You Miss Me At The Back Of The Bus (Charles Neblett) Downloadable! Video!
Il peggiore nemico del negro (Giovanna Marini) Downloadable! Video!
Images (Nina Simone) Video!
In the Mississippi River (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Video!
Injustice (Raushan) Downloadable!
Is It Because I'm Black?‎ (Syl Johnson) Downloadable! Video!
Is There Any Free Place? (Richard Marot)
It Isn't Nice (Malvina Reynolds) Downloadable! Video!
I’m an Indian, I’m an Alien (Peter LaFarge)
I’m Going to Get My Baby Out of Jail (Bernice Johnson Reagon) Video!
Jim Crow (Cletus Got Shot) Downloadable!
Jim Crow Blues (Cow Cow Davenport) Downloadable!
Jim Crow Blues (Leadbelly) Downloadable! Video!
Jim Crow Train (Josh White) Video!
John Brown (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
John Brown's Body (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Johnny Half-Breed (Peter LaFarge) Video!
José Campos Torres‎ (Gil Scott-Heron) Downloadable! Video!
Juba (Bessie Jones) Downloadable!
Julie (Rhiannon Giddens) Video!
Justice (if You're 17) (Wyclef Jean) Downloadable! Video!
Keep on Pushing (The Impressions) Video!
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (The SNCC Freedom Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Kildevil (Luca Di Maio) Video!
La ballade de Bessie Smith (Hélène Martin) Video!
La ballata del now (Sergio Liberovici)
La Lucha Continuará (Judy & Danny Rose-Redwood) Downloadable!
Le rondini bianche (Aldo e i Falisci) Video!
Let My People Go (Darondo) Video!
Let Robeson Sing (Manic Street Preachers) Downloadable! Video!
Let's Work Together Now (Donna Summer) Video!
Letter to the Free (Common) Video!
Liar (Bikini Kill) Downloadable! Video!
Lift Every Voice and Sing (James Weldon Johnson) Downloadable! Video!
Like a King / I'll Rise (Ben Harper) Downloadable! Video!
Living For The City (Stevie Wonder) Downloadable! Video!
Lonesome Jailhouse Blues (Barbara Dane) Downloadable!
Los Angeles (X) Video!
Luz (Mark Abel)
Malcolm X (NH3) Video!
Malcolm X (Miriam Makeba) Video!
March on Selma (Blue Mitchell) Video!
Marching 'Round Selma (Anonymous)
Marching into the Light (Andrés Useche) Video!
Marching on Ferguson (Nightwatchman) Video!
Martin Luther King (Dan Bern) Downloadable!
Martin Luther King (Pierre Selos)
Medgar Evers (Randall Wilbur)
Medgar Evers Lullaby (Judy Collins) Downloadable! Video!
Mendacity (Max Roach) Downloadable! Video!
Mercy on Me (Champion Jack Dupree) Video!
Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)‎ (The Impressions) Downloadable!
Minstrel Man (Langston Hughes) Video!
Mississippi (Charyn Sutton)
Mississippi County Farm Blues (Son House) Video!
Mississippi Goddam (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
Modern Times (Bobby Sands) Video!
Mojado (Ricardo Arjona) Downloadable! Video!
Morte sul selciato (Anton Virgilio Savona) Downloadable!
Mr. Cab Driver (Lenny Kravitz) Video!
Mr. John Carlos (Nationalteatern) Downloadable! Video!
Mr. Wendal (Arrested Development) Video!
My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen) Downloadable! Video!
My Name Is Emmett Till (Emmylou Harris) Video!
My Thirty Thousand (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable!
Nelly Gray (Benjamin Hanby) Video!
Never Too Much Love (Chicago Movement) Downloadable! Video!
Niggers Are Scared of Revolution (The Last Poets) Video!
Night Rally (Elvis Costello) Video!
Nine Foot Shovel (Josh White) Downloadable!
No More Innocent People Dying (Kamal Imani) Downloadable! Video!
No Shoes (John Lee Hooker) Video!
No Sympathy From The Devil (Public Enemy) Video!
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Anonymous) Video!
Northbound Blues (Maggie Jones) Downloadable!
Nothing but a Soldier (Charles Sherrod)
Nothing but the Same Old Story (Paul Brady) Video!
Oh Mary, Don't You Weep (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
Oh, Freedom! (Odetta) Downloadable! Video!
Oh, Martin! (Richard Marot)
Old Jim Crow (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
Ole Shady (or the Song of the Contraband) (Benjamin Hanby)
Ol’ Man River (Paul Robeson) Video!
One More Time (The Clash) Downloadable! Video!
Only A Pawn In Their Game (Bob Dylan) Video!
Original Faubus Fables (Charles Mingus) Downloadable! Video!
Oxford Town (Bob Dylan) Video!
Parchman Farm Blues (Bukka White) Video!
Patches (Clarence Carter) Video!
Peace (Jimmy Cliff) Downloadable! Video!
Peace of Mind (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
People Get Ready (The Impressions) Downloadable! Video!
Per soli negri (Giustino Durano)
Peter Norman (Alberto Cantone) Video!
Pick a Bale of Cotton (Anonymous) Video!
Plain Bill Brown (Ernie Marrs)
Plantation (Radici nel Cemento) Downloadable!
Plantation Boy (Boney M.) Video!
Police Get Away Wit Murder (YG) Video!
Promised Land (Chuck Berry) Video!
Proud to Be Black (Run-D.M.C.) Downloadable! Video!
Quando il fronte era fronte (Ivan Della Mea)
Racists (Anti-Flag) Video!
Raggedy (Pete Seeger) Video!
Red (for Malcolm X) (Maria Sebastian) Downloadable!
Remember Virden! (Anonymous)
Réquiem II (Xerardo Moscoso)
Respect (Aretha Franklin) Downloadable! Video!
Revolution (Arrested Development) Video!
Rising Down (Kaia Kater) Video!
Roll the Union On (Pete Seeger) Video!
Rosa Parks (Kristin Lems) Downloadable!
Rosa Parks (Outkast) Video!
Rosa Parks (Andy Glockenspiel) Downloadable!
Rosa Parks (Ellis Paul) Downloadable! Video!
Rosa Parks (Raised Voices) Video!
Rose Parks (Alessandro Casappa) Downloadable!
Roses and Revolutions (Dudley Randall)
Run, Nigger, Run (Anonymous) Video!
Saint Martha Blues (Otis Taylor) Video!
Same as It Ever Was (Start Today) (Michael Franti & Spearhead) Video!
Sandra's Smile (Blood Orange) Video!
Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud (James Brown) Downloadable! Video!
Scandalize My Name (Paul Robeson) Downloadable! Video!
See How the Rain Falls (Julius Lester) Video!
Seize the Time (Elaine Brown) Video!
Shah Mot (the Shah Is Dead / Checkmate) (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
Shot on James Meredith (J.B. Lenoir) Video!
Sister Rosa (Neville Brothers) Downloadable! Video!
Slavery Is a Hard Foe to Battle (The Hutchinson Family Singers)
Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) (Janis Ian) Downloadable! Video!
Someday We'll All Be Free (Donny Hathaway) Downloadable! Video!
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Anonymous) Downloadable! Video!
Song for a Dark Girl (Langston Hughes) Video!
Song Of The Abolitionist (William Lloyd Garrison) Video!
Song of the Coffle Gang (Anonymous)
Song of the Free (Anonymous)
Song of the Underground Railroad (John Coltrane) Downloadable! Video!
Southern Exposure (Josh White) Video!
Southern Man (Neil Young) Video!
Spiritual per Martin Luther King (Rino Gaetano)
State of Arkansas (My Name Is Terry Roberts) (Pete Seeger) Downloadable!
Steal Away (Fisk Jubilee Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Still I Rise (Maya Angelou) Video!
Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday) Downloadable! Video!
Strange Messengers (Patti Smith) Video!
Super Life (Chaka Khan) Downloadable! Video!
Supper Time (Ethel Waters) Downloadable! Video!
Sweet Black Angel (Rolling Stones) Downloadable! Video!
Swimming Against The Stream (Latin Quarter) Downloadable!
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Fisk Jubilee Singers) Video!
Take the Power Back (Rage Against The Machine) Video!
Talking Birmingham Jam (Phil Ochs) Downloadable!
Talking Ole Miss (Gene Greenblath)
Ten Million Slaves (Otis Taylor) Downloadable! Video!
The Backlash Blues (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
The Backstreets of Downtown Augusta (Anne Romaine) Downloadable!
The Ballad of Birmingham (Dudley Randall) Downloadable! Video!
The Ballad of Jimmy Wilson (Ewan MacColl) Downloadable!
The Ballad of Mildred Loving (Loving in Virginia) (Drew Brody) Video!
The Ballad Of Momma Rosa Parks (Tom Glazer)
The Ballad of Trayvon Martin (Will Hoge) Downloadable! Video!
The Black Liberation Movement Suite (Cal Massey) Video!
The Charade (D'Angelo) Video!
The City of Soul (Eurogliders) Video!
The Contraband of Port-Royal (John Greenleaf Whittier)
The Contraband's Song of Freedom (Joseph Eastburn Winner)
The Death of Bessie Smith (Ali Hughes) Downloadable!
The Death Of Emmett Till (Bob Dylan) Downloadable! Video!
The End of Silence (Elaine Brown) Video!
The First Time I Met You (Little Brother Montgomery) Video!
The Free and Equal Blues (Josh White) Downloadable! Video!
The Freedom Rider (Art Blakey) Video!
The Hostage (Tom Paxton) Downloadable!
The House I Live in (a Parody) (Lewis Allan)
The Immigrant (Merle Haggard) Video!
The Klansman (Bruce Springsteen) Downloadable! Video!
The Lone Ranger (Oscar Brown, Jr) Video!
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Bob Dylan) Downloadable! Video!
The Loving Kind (Nanci Griffith) Video!
The Meeting (Elaine Brown) Video!
The Message (Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five) Downloadable! Video!
The Money Mississippi Blues (Langston Hughes)
The Negro Speaks of Rivers (Langston Hughes) Video!
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (Vicki Lawrence) Video!
The Old Contraband (John L. Zieber)
The Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist (Propagandhi) Downloadable! Video!
The Other White Meat (Immortal Technique) Video!
The Peekskill Story (Parts 1 & 2)‎ (Pete Seeger) Downloadable!
The President Sang Amazing Grace (Zoe Mulford) Video!
The Selma March (Grant Green) Video!
The Southern Contraband (Michael B. Leavitt)
The Story of Old Monroe (Pete Seeger)
The Tour of the Irish Fusiliers (Malvina Reynolds)
The Train From Washington (Gil Scott-Heron) Video!
The War Will Soon Be Over (Walter Kittredge)
The Way It Is (Bruce Hornsby) Downloadable! Video!
The Weary Blues (Langston Hughes) Downloadable! Video!
The Worker (Richard W. Thomas)
There Is Mean Things Happening in This Land (Pete Seeger) Downloadable!
There’s Anger in the Land (Don West) Downloadable!
These Shoes (Andrew McKnight) Video!
They Can't Take Away Our Music (Eric Burdon & War) Downloadable! Video!
They Don't Care About Us (Michael Jackson) Video!
This Little Light of Mine (Sam Cooke) Video!
Those Three Are On My Mind (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
Three Songs About Lynching (Langston Hughes)
Today in Charlottesville (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Told My Cap'n (Josh White) Video!
Tolerance (10,000 Maniacs) Video!
Tom Moore’s Farm (Sam Lightnin' Hopkins) Video!
Tommie Smith (Airesis) Downloadable! Video!
Too Many Martyrs (Ballad Of Medgar Evers) (Phil Ochs) Downloadable! Video!
Train A-Travelin' (Bob Dylan) Downloadable! Video!
Trayvon (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Trouble (Josh White) Downloadable!
True Blues (The Last Poets) Video!
Tryin' Times (Roberta Flack) Downloadable! Video!
Turning Point (Nina Simone) Downloadable! Video!
Uncle George (Steel Pulse) Downloadable! Video!
Uncle Sam says (Josh White) Video!
Wade in De Water‎ (Fisk Jubilee Singers) Video!
Waiting For The Bus to Take Me Home (Chumbawamba) Video!
Walk a Mile in My Shoes (Elvis Presley) Video!
Walk in Peace (Sir Lancelot)
Walk on Alabama (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable!
Waltz for Emmett Till (Richard Marot)
We Are Alive (Bruce Springsteen) Downloadable! Video!
We Are Trayvon (Plies) Downloadable! Video!
We Gotta Pray (Alicia Keys) Video!
We Shall Not Be Moved (Anonymous) Video!
We Shall Overcome (Pete Seeger) Downloadable! Video!
We the People.... (A Tribe Called Quest) Video!
We Want Our Freedom Now (Joan Baez) Video!
We're a Winner (The Impressions) Video!
We're Gonna Make It (Little Milton) Video!
Welfare Store Blues (Sonny Boy Williamson I) Video!
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord (Anonymous) Video!
We’ll Never Turn Back (Mavis Staples) Downloadable! Video!
What a Man (Linda Lyndell) Downloadable! Video!
What's Goin' on Down There (Malvina Reynolds)
When The Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan) Downloadable! Video!
When Will We Be Paid (For the Work We’ve Done)? (Staple Singers) Downloadable! Video!
Who Killed Davey Moore? (Bob Dylan) Video!
Who Medgar Evers Was... (Dälek)
Who Shot Ya? (Living Colour) Video!
Why I Sing the Blues (B. B. King) Video!
Why? (Am I Treated So Bad) (Staple Singers) Video!
Wildside (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) Downloadable! Video!
William Moore (Phil Ochs) Downloadable!
Woke Up This Morning (John Legend) Downloadable! Video!
Woman Of The Ghetto (Marlena Shaw) Downloadable! Video!
Words Like Freedom (Langston Hughes) Video!
You Can't Let Little Children Starve to Death (Bill McAdoo) Downloadable!
You'd Better Leave Segregation Alone (Anonymous)
Your Friendly Liberal Neighborhood Ku-Klux-Klan (Chad Mitchell Trio) Downloadable!
Zio Tom (Fabio Concato) Downloadable!
Zoot Suit Riot (Cherry Poppin' Daddies) Video!
[Ain't Gonna Let Nobody] Turn Me Around (Joan Baez) Downloadable! Video!
Στον πόλεμο ο Τζο (Manos Loïzos / Μάνος Λοΐζος)
Τα νέγρικα (Manos Loïzos / Μάνος Λοΐζος) Downloadable! Video!
Ω γέρο νέγρο Τζιμ (Manos Loïzos / Μάνος Λοΐζος) Downloadable! Video!
‎95 South (All of the Places We've Been)‎ (Gil Scott-Heron) Downloadable! Video!


The Woman Who Didn’t Stand Up

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