The Intense Humming of Evil

Manic Street Preachers
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Album “The Holy Bible”‎


Come Mausoleum, un’altra canzone scritta da Nick Wire dopo la visita che fece ai campi di sterminio ‎nazisti di Belsen e Dachau ed anche al museo della pace ad Hiroshima.‎

“Mausoleum and The Intense Humming of Evil: these two can be twinned together, because ‎they were both inspired in the same way. Last year we visited Dachau, Belsen and the peace ‎museum in Hiroshima, and those three places had quite an intense influence on us, and on the whole ‎album. Dachau is such an evil, quiet place. There's no grass, and you don't even see a worm, let ‎alone any birds. all you can hear is this humming of nothing. In the museum at Belsen, there's the ‎original sign which hung there. It says, 'Welcome to Belsen Recreation Camp'. It's the same with ‎the peace museum in Hiroshima. When you're young, you're brought up to think that the americans ‎dropped the bomb because they had to end the war, and loads of Americans would have been killed ‎otherwise. But when you go there and see the pictures of the whole city completely flattened, and ‎the black rain, and all the people who died from the secondary effects... If anyone goes to those ‎places and doesn't feel an immense sense of loss, they've got no soul. The lines: 'Churchill no ‎different/wished the workers bled to a machine' are about how Britain always thinks that it has a ‎superior attitude. But as soon as the war was over, the attitude was: 'Let's get back to normal and ‎exploit as many people as we can again. Keep the proles happy, tie them to their machines, and ‎send them out to war again to be killed when we need to'.”
‎(Nicky Wire, Melody Maker 27.8.94)‎

Altri riferimenti nel testo:‎

‎- Il castello di Hartheim, nel comune di Alkoven, vicino a Linz, Austria, è il ‎luogo dove ebbe sede il “NS-Tötungsanstalt”, principale centro dove i nazisti tra il 1940 ed il 1941 ‎attuarono il programma “Aktion T4” finalizzato all’eliminazione (loro la chiamavano “eutanasia”) ‎dei disabili fisici e psichici. Ad Hartheim furono gasati almeno 18.000 di loro.‎
‎- Il Block 5 era la sezione del campo di sterminio di Dachau dove venivano ‎svolti esperimenti sulle cavie umane lì imprigionate.‎
‎- Sigmund Rascher (1909-1945) è stato un ufficiale medico nazista responsabile ‎di esperimenti mortali sugli internati nel campo di Dachau. Perfido e ambizioso, Rascher cadde in ‎disgrazia nel 1944 quando si scoprì che i suoi presunti figli erano in realtà bambini rapiti ad altre ‎famiglie. Sottoposto a processo, fu condannato per questo e per altri crimini, compreso l’omicidio ‎di un assistente e fu giustiziato insieme alla moglie poco prima che il campo di Dachau fosse ‎liberato dagli alleati.‎
‎- Winston Churchill, il celebre primo ministro conservatore britannico, durante il ‎grande sciopero dei minatori del 1926 propose di sparare sui dimostranti con le mitragliatrici ed ‎elogiò il nostro Mussolini – salutandolo come “Roman genius” - perchè era stato capace di ‎schiacciare nel sangue l’opposizione…‎
You were what you were
Clean cut, unbecoming
Recreation for the masses
You always mistook fists for flowers

Welcome welcome soldier smiling
Funeral march for agony's last edge
‎6 Million screaming souls
Maybe misery - maybe nothing at all
Lives that wouldn't have changed a thing
Never counted - never mattered - never be

Arbeit macht frei
Transports of invalids
Hartheim Castle breathes us in
In block 5 we worship malaria
Lagerstrasse, poplar trees
Beauty lost, dignity gone
Rascher surveys us butcher bacteria

Welcome welcome soldier smiling
Soon infected, nails broken, hunger's a word
‎6 Million screaming souls
Maybe misery - maybe nothing at all
Lives that wouldn't have changed a thing
Never counted - never mattered - never be

Drink it away, every tear is false
Churchill no different
Wished the workers bled to a machine

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